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Golden Star for Change

On September 23, Jungkook performed for Global Citizen Live, an event that creates global change through advocacy and action. Jungkook is no stranger to participating in events and organizations to support real change around the world, as BTS has always been a group that wants to impact the world and ARMY positively. They’ve shown time and time again that we can all do it together.

Before we focus on Jungkook, let’s briefly cover what Global Citizen is all about. Global Citizen is a nonprofit organization that advocates to help pressing issues around the world, such as extreme poverty, lack of education access, and climate change. Their primary goal is to end extreme poverty by the year 2030. They take action by pressuring governments to commit to financial and systematic changes to create equality for all.

BTS has participated previously in 2021 with a 24-hour livestream of Global Citizen’s festival across the globe. They performed their hits Permission to Dance and Butter on the iconic Seoul gate. If you want to know more details of the entirety of their participation, you can read our blog covering the event here.

This year, Jungkook took to the stage at Central Park’s Great Lawn in New York City to not only perform, but also use his voice in asking others to join him in creating change. When his participation was announced, it caused a wave of excitement in the world of ARMY.

Jungkook’s impact was shown even before his appearance in the music festival. In an interview, the co-founder of Global Citizen, Michael Sheldrick, spoke on how the 2023 festival broke the record for the most actions taken.

There were 3 million actions taken prior to the show, and when addressing the reason, he specifically cited Jungkook, saying, “ …when you have someone like Jungkook of BTS fame, you have a huge fan base and when you mobilize that fan base…it’s really hard for leaders to drown out that voice." As of now, there are about 198,806 actions taken by fans as you visit Jungkook’s supporter page.

Jungkook’s set began with his song Euphoria. He came out excited and with his charismatic smile to greet ARMY and the rest of the audience. Many ARMYs have heard Jungkook perform Euphoria live before, but Jungkook always manages to bring a feeling of freshness to his performances. His rendition of the song was captivating and his lively vocals are always welcome.

Jungkook then addressed ARMY and said, among other things, that it was important to “make an impact together to make sure everyone, everywhere has access to their basic rights like food and education.” He went on to perform the much loved song Still With You, and it is a gift of a song that keeps on giving ARMY happiness and making us emotional every time we hear it. The Still With You live performance was magical and had ARMY harmonizing with him. It was rather beautiful to watch such a meaningful song connect ARMY and Jungkook live for the first time; a full circle moment.

Jungkook went on to perform his mega-hit single, Seven, to the loud cheers of ARMY, who sang along excitedly. Jungkook performed flawlessly with stable vocals and perfect choreography, but there was a surprise. Latto came out to perform her now iconic verse, being received with cheers and the crowd following along with her. At the end, she thanked Jungkook and ARMY. It was a nice surprise to have the first live performance of Seven with both artists working the stage.

Jungkook ended his set with a medley of BTS’ English songs. No matter where the members are or what they are doing, BTS is always present. Jungkook looked happy singing and dancing to Permission to Dance, Dynamite, and ending with Butter. ARMY sang along throughout the performance and shared many fun moments with Jungkook.

You can also still participate in the project of Global Citizen along with Jungkook and combat extreme poverty, demand equity, and defend our planet. You can do so by pledging here.

Jungkook showed how natural he is on stage and, in performing for ARMY, he shows his truest form of love.

Thanks for reading, ARMY. See you on the next blog!

Written by: Lizette

Edited by: LJ

Designed by: Achan

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