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Episodes 17 and 18 on Suchwita!

Note: Due to the nature of Suchwita, this blog mentions drinking and alcohol. Please take care while reading.

Ready to find out what happened on episodes 17 and 18 of “Suchwita”? Read on to find out!

The guest for this episode is the South Korean national soccer team player, Lee Kang In! Lee Kang In starts off by saying how he has been training and having meals with his friends in Korea. Bringing in green grape ade, he mentions how he frequently drinks it during his vacation in Korea as he dislikes the bitter taste of alcohol. SUGA adds how art and sports feel similar to him, both judged by the public with the occasional unwanted criticism. Kang In mentions the many tough moments he faced in Spain, but he fought his way through them and became the accomplished player he is now.

When asked about how it feels to represent South Korea, Kang In answers that ever since the 2022 World Cup, he feels fiercely driven to beat the other countries and prove himself only by winning. The duo then talk about anxiety before matches and performances and how they deal with it.

Lee Kang In was a part of “Fly Shoot Dori,” a reality TV show about soccer. Kang In discusses his self-disappointment after making a mistake on set. When SUGA asks him about his nervousness when meeting celebrity players, Kang In and SUGA both agree that they can ignore their nerves by stepping onto the field and focusing on being a player and artist respectively.

As the episode progresses, Kang In speaks on how the hierarchy and atmosphere within the national soccer team has changed in the last 20 years. SUGA and Kang In bond over the fact that neither of them can play internet games well and always end up losing to their opponents. The duo then reminisce about Kang In's very first coach, Yoo Sang Chul, who would be incredibly proud of Kang In and his achievements.

Kang In believes his life philosophy is to be satisfied with his work first and foremost, otherwise it would be in vain. The episode concludes as Kang In shares his dream of winning the World Cup and expresses his gratitude to the people who support his well-being.

To promote his latest solo album Layover, V makes an appearance on “Suchwita” on its 18th episode as the last BTS member to appear on the show. V brings a bottle of wine and the episode kicks off with playful banter between the two members.

When asked to introduce the title track Slow Dancing, V answers that it is a comfortable listen, a song that embodies how he feels as compared to BTS as a whole. He adds that Layover focuses on showing the singer V, and he will not end up doing anything grand. The playfulness continues as SUGA and V discuss how he is the epitome of being an idol. The duo sips on juice and wine as they listen to the next track on the album, Love Me Again.

V goes on to explain the ideation behind the songs and music videos. SUGA adds that each song conveys V's calm and comfortable vibes perfectly. He also adds that even though each member has a different genre and taste in their solo music, their distinct colors still show clearly even when they are together as BTS. When asked about the impact of jazz music on his life, V answers that it is a form of encouragement. Having learned the saxophone for college admissions, he eventually gained an affinity for jazz.

SUGA and V take the energy to the next level when they bring up “Bon Voyage” in Hawaii. They reminisce about their time in Hawaii and how they felt about each other back then. The topic moves to a Run BTS! episode where they became partners again and had to play limbo together. They praise each other for their stage presence that captures the hearts of ARMY over and over again!

V talks about his vulnerable time from 2018 when he was severely burned out. Although they can calmly look back at that time now, it was an excruciating period for them as BTS. Outro: Tear was a song for the members to give themselves hope. When asked which moment in life V would want to go back to, he answers that he would go back to 2018 and comfort his distressed self. The episode ends with V signing his autograph on the wine bottle.

Stay tuned to read more about the latest episodes of “Suchwita”!

Written by: Pluto

Edited by: Ren

Designed by: Achan

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