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Celebrating Anniversaries — The BTS FESTA Way

The month of June. It may be considered an ordinary month by most, but June is held very dear by BTS and ARMY. Every year since 2014, BTS presents a grand festival for the first ten to fourteen days of June in order to commemorate their anniversary. These days are full of gifts from BTS to their beloved fans, and from ARMY's to their favorite boys. This period is known as the BTS FESTA.

BTS unveiled the timeline for this year’s FESTA just recently. The trailer for the 2019 BTS FESTA on YouTube, which already received more than 2.5 million views, was released by Big Hit earlier this week.

So, what goes on during the BTS FESTA season?

In honor of BTS’ anniversary, this is when BTS surprises ARMY with loads of invaluable content such as pictures, member profiles, videos, songs, radio programs, and more. In return, ARMY's hold special projects in social media during the FESTA Season. Member appreciation weeks, social media layouts, and streaming are just some of the ARMY projects you can participate in during the FESTA season.

The way BTS and ARMY hype the FESTA season shows how special this event is to both parties. What makes FESTA so important, though?

Anniversaries mark important milestones in our lives. They remind us of special events considered worthy of preservation. In our case, it is the debut of BTS — June 13, 2013. Almost all FESTAs end on June 13 ( the exception being the 2017 BTS FESTA, which ended on June 14 with SUGA, Jin, and Jungkook’s So Far Away). June 13, 2013, is the date BTS was officially introduced to the public. It is the date when they first showcased their talents to the entertainment industry.

The FESTA season commemorates their beginning.

BTS FESTA also celebrates the love BTS and ARMYs share. Various articles on the internet explained the bond BTS and ARMYs have. To quote an article by Vulture, "What’s good for BTS is good for the ARMY, and rooting for them feels like rooting for yourself." BTS’ dedication towards their fans is evident in the amount of content they release during FESTA season. ARMY reciprocates that dedication through projects with only one goal in mind: to show BTS just how much ARMY's from all over the world love them.

Looking back over the past with BTS

BTS FESTA can be dubbed “the most wonderful time of the year” for ARMYs. Indeed, it is wonderful to commemorate beginnings and celebrate love with the boys. ARMYs, in return, use this grand festival to remind themselves why they support BTS in the first place. Looking back over the past eras - all of the successes and difficulties - will drive BTS and ARMYs to eagerly await what will unfold in FESTAs to come.

For greater insight into these past eras, in honor of FESTA, you can check out ARMY Magazine past issues here.


Images and Footage by: BTS and Big Hit

Written by: Euni

Edited by: Aury