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ARMYs worldwide have been consumed in their quest to obtain items from the ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY BTS, a new line of merchandise designed by the BTS members for ARMY. Each of the seven members designed at least two items, from accessories and clothing to windchimes and notepads, which were released in installments over the last few weeks.

The Start of the Show

Eagle-eyed ARMY noticed that RM proposed the idea of member-designed merchandise during Run BTS! Episode 124. While it’s unclear if it was inspired by the group’s leader, the release of the new items and digital content kept ARMY thoroughly occupied throughout BTS’ month-long vacation.

Each member’s work was initially introduced via an announcement on Twitter, followed by a preview video and an “Artist Collection Show” segment with the other members MC-ing and modeling items. These videos introduced ARMY to deep, nuanced descriptions of each item, giving us glimpses of the members’ characteristic humor and thoughtfulness. Pre-orders then opened and sold out almost instantly, followed by the release of a longer “Making Of” Log video. Here's a recap of each member's collection in order of release.

The Artist Collection

First came Jin’s products: the “Good/ Bad Day Pajamas and Pillows.” Jin’s innovative theme encourages consumers to choose a deep-pocketed pajama set and pillow that match how they felt about their day. Did you have a good day? Throw on the beautiful blue pajamas with chibi Jin angels and rest your head on the matching pillow. What about a bad day? Those darker pajamas with a tiny devil in flames await you. During the creation process, Jin thoughtfully advocated for the inclusion of larger sizes.

Next were RM’s items, the “Black and Grey Joggers” and the “Bungeo-ppang Wind Chime.” Created in reference to an inside joke about a Korean fish-shaped dessert that “ain’t got no fish inside,” the windchime can be seen peacefully hanging from a window on RM’s Instagram. RM actually wore grey joggers during a 2021 VLive, though he took care to hide the embroidered logo that adorns the right pocket.

The “MUTE Boston Bag” and various “Brooches” were V’s creations. The beautiful Boston Bag is made of Saffiano-style vegan leather with deep green accents, while V’s three sets of brooches (“Faces,” “Flower Buddies,” and “Cloud Drops”) are based on his own Impressionist drawings. Model Jin also showed ARMY how to use the bag as a nap pillow.

SUGA’s items were the “Black Note and Cover Set” and the “Guitar Pick Necklace.” SUGA’s merchandise features black and silver colors, with the sterling silver guitar necklace being a homage to SUGA’s love of playing guitar. The leather note set comes with a purple pen, a legal pad emblazoned with either an ARMY or BTS logo, and a black leather cover. SUGA is known for penning many of his lyrics on legal pads, so imagine what masterpieces he’s written on the note set already!

Up next was Jimin’s “With You Hoody” and “Red Carving Earrings.” Emblazoned with the titular lyrics from You Never Walk Alone and the phrase “Seven With You” from We are Bulletproof: the Eternal, the hoodie truly emphasizes that BTS is always “With You.” The number “13” printed on the hoodie drawstrings and the earrings are the same font as Jimin’s wrist tattoo, representing BTS’ debut (June 13, 2013) and Jimin’s birthday (October 13). The earrings are designed to recreate his signature “two-hoop earrings in one piercing” look.

j-hope’s items were the “Hope Pot Set” and the “Side by Side Mini Bag.” Modeled after the style that j-hope wears on tour, the tie-dye washed denim bag resembles the title and cover art for his solo track, Blue Side. The four concrete-like grey square planters in the "Hope Pot Set" can be used to grow plants or display the “HOPE” faux grass letters that accompany the pots (with the “O” shaped like a heart). Each side of the “Hope Pot Set'' has a different lyric about flowers from j-hope’s verse in Magic Shop, as seen in V and Jimin’s workout with the pots while modeling.

If you’ve ever wanted to look at the stars while listening to Jungkook’s voice, the “Mikrokosmos Mood Lamp" will allow you to do exactly that. With personalized voice prompts from our maknae himself, the lamp uses light projection to create galaxies adorned with stars made of the BTS logo and contains a Bluetooth speaker. Meanwhile, Jungkook’s oversized "ARMYST Zip Up Hoody", an amalgamation of ARMY + Artist, is designed in four colors for “people of all shapes and sizes.”

Merch is Not Over (Hopefully)

While most of the ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY BTS is sold out, you still might have a chance to grab some items if they sparked your interest! HYBE has made at least one unannounced restock since the second wave of pre-orders, so keep your eyes peeled and fingers ready!

Written by: Mariko

Edited by: Cassie

Designed by: Komu

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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