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BTS World Soundtrack

Okay, a show of hands, who is already loving the new game BTS World? We are too! Today’s blog, though, will be focused on the amazing new music BTS has blessed us with over the past four weeks. We hope you’ll check back soon for our take on the game.

Back on June 5, the BTS World Official twitter account revealed that the soundtrack would feature what they called “Part 1 <Jin X Jimin X Jung Kook>” and that the song would actually drop on June 7, ahead of the game. Once it did, ARMY fell in love with it, and nobody is blaming them.

“Dream Glow” is a collaboration with English singer Charli XCX, who actually teased a partnership with BTS way back in August 2017 when she tweeted pictures of her with OT7, saying “first day as the newest member of @BTS_twt love u guys”. The song, with heavy a synthesizer and an 80’s vibe, is all about realizing your dreams. The first half of the song, sung by Charli and Jungkook, entirely in English, talks about the pull you feel when something bigger is on your horizon.

“Always feeling something bigger

Something real wild

Keep on shining make it brighter

Than a spotlight”

After that, Jin and Jimin join the song in Korean to remind us to never give up and keep feeling “the light within the heart”, to guide us on, even when we are afraid.

“In the dark, early hours of the day

Spread shaking wings

Keep on shining

Make it brighter than a spotlight”

Produced by StarGate and written by Charli along with four others, “Dream Glow” is just as beautiful as we all wanted it to be.

Following the pre-set pattern, our next gem dropped on June 14. Produced by Mura Masa, “A Brand New Day” is sung by V and J-Hope along with Zara Larsson, a Swedish singer/songwriter. With minimalistic musical production and beautiful instrumentation featuring a daegeum (Korean bamboo flute), the song opens with J-Hope asking whether it’s possible to face life and still come out on top.

“Would it be possible to push

Through all this fear and terror?”

Thankfully V answers, reminding us that listening to the voice within ourselves is important as we “climb the stairs of light” and dream a new dream. Then, reminding us we are not alone on this journey, Zara sings:

“I know you got them big dreams too

You can show me yours if you want to

They’re beautiful; we can look

At them for hours”

Written by J-Hope, Zara and a few others, “A Brand New Day” is a song of hope and believing in yourself; it’s an anthem reminding us to stay on the path of our dreams, even when feeling a “crossroad of pressure.”

Song number three came on June 21, just a few days before the game release on June 25/26 (depending on time zone). Produced by RM and Powers Pleasant, “All Night” brings an R&B sound mixed with a heavy hip hop 90’s vibe. Never one to shy away from their hardships, RM and Suga both remind us in this bop that hard work is the key to achieving our dreams. As he kicks off the song, RM discusses how he forced his way into the underground scene in Korea.

“I kick out the door, yeah

I kick out the door,

Go grab the mic

And I let out the sore”

He then invites us along for the ride, rapping, “So baby, let’s go, seat-belts are fastened.” An important step because the journey of following your dreams can be a roller coaster and we better “hold on tight.” In his verse, Suga echoes the same sentiments as he reflects on his own journey.

“Sometimes I ask myself,

‘Is this just a dream?’

The darkness before the sunrise

Seems especially dark”

Then again, Suga knows the efforts of his work will bring the rewards. Even though he has achieved a lot, he has not achieved all he wants to. “The choice is now up to me, what you gonna do?” he asks.

Juice WRLD’s rap continues the theme of hard work, but he alludes to his work being for a love interest. Plus, he gives a cute shout out to ARMY when he raps, “She calls me charming, needs an ARMY marching for your love.”

Written by RM, Suga, Juice WRLD and two others, “All Night” is a song to remind all of us that BTS isn’t stopping their journey any time soon. They will keep going until their dreams are realized, with ARMY by their sides.

Speaking of ARMY and BTS being side-by-side, our final song can be heard only by playing the new game, BTS World in which ARMY becomes a fictional manager who tries to bring the boys together back in 2012.

“Heartbeat” is an OT7 track that is unlocked once the user completes Chapter 1, mission 14. However, this song, along with the rest of the original soundtrack (OST) can be heard by everyone once it drops on the 28th of June on Spotify.

Due to it being so new, and it being an exclusive sneak peek for players only, there isn’t much on the internet regarding “Heartbeat” just yet. However, it’s a beautiful, touching ballad written by our friend DJ Swivel, BTS and Coyle Girelli. “Heartbeat” talks of missing someone deeply and wishing they would come back.

“I wish that you would love me

Just like yesterday, again

Without letting go of this hand

And every time my heart beats

Match your step with me again

So that I don’t wonder anymore”

If you aren’t playing the game, you’ll have to wait a few more hours to listen to “Heartbeat”, but at least you have the gist of the song now.

These songs are already providing the perfect backdrop to BTS World, but (other than the aforementioned “Heartbeat”) you don’t have to play the game to enjoy them. They are available on your favorite platforms right now. So, take a listen and enjoy!


Songs and Trailer by: BTS & Big Hit

Written by: Marcie

Edit by: Mheer


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