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For the last blog post of the year, publications usually reminisce about the year that was, but we at Army Magazine felt that 2019 for BTS couldn't be encapsulated in a blog. Thus, our Army Magazine 2019 Review covers in detail the successful year for BTS. Look out for its release before the end of 2019.

For now, we thought we could have a bit of fun and look at the BTS fashion worn for the four end-of-year events that they attended. As this blog is being written before December 25 KST, we will only focus on events before this date, such as the Melon Music Awards (MMA), Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), Jingle Ball, and the Variety HITmakers events.

For this list, six looks from four events attended were polled. These are the Red Carpet and Final Stage fits from MMA, MAMA, Variety, and Jingle Ball. For a little more spice, we thought it would be fun to poll not only the BTS ARMY but also our ARMY MAGAZINE volunteers to compare the preferences.

Disclaimer from ARMY MAGAZINE, our polling is in no way scientific; thus, have fun with it, and don't take the results too seriously. Also, ARMY MAGAZINE will be referred to as AM in some instances.

Least liked looks


From the beginning, AM members' dislike for BTS Red Carpet looks from MAMA and MMA was evident. The Celine Fall 2019 MAMA look barely got enough votes to count on one hand. Ouch!

Although MMA had an out-of-this-world performance, the fashion from the red carpet of the MMA did not get the same response. It seems the PRADA suits didn't create enough spark among the volunteers to become a favorite. We apologize to BTS’ cinched waists and exposed foreheads.


ARMYs and AM members seem to agree that the MAMA and MMA red carpet looks were both their least favorite. However, ARMYs formed an actual tie between MMA and MAMA red carpet fits, which made them both the least favorite looks among ARMYs. One would have thought that the MMA PRADA suits worn would have been a bit higher on the list for both groups.

Alas, it was not to be.

Liked Looks


As the days of voting progressed, shock entered some of our AM members’ hearts when the AM internal polls started to show that White Suit Bangtan with Jin's exposed forehead for Jingle Ball was losing in our survey.

To the dismay of some of our volunteers, they were stunned that Jingle Ball looks got such a low score. In the end, the white suits were loved, but not loved enough to become the favorite among AM members.

The betrayal was deeply felt by some.


Again it seems that ARMYs really had a tough time choosing their favorite looks, because here we have another tie. In this case, ARMYs couldn't decide whether they liked BTS Jingle Ball or MMA stage looks more. So, they choose both; both Jingle Ball white suits and MMA Alexander McQueen looks tied with ARMY.

We are sorry, ARMY, for the distress these choices may have caused.

The second place looks


Our members ranked the BTS MAMA final stage look as their second favorite look of the year-end events. Many saw this look and loved the DIOR collection on BTS, but it was not enough to be crowned MOST favorite look by our AM team.


Finally, we don't have a tie from ARMYs. Many agreed in large numbers that their best look from the end-of-the-year events covered was their Saint Laurent suits from Variety HITmakers. But it was not enough to surpass the number one spot, making this one ARMYs’ second place choice.

And the winners are...


Winning by one point over BTS MAMA looks our volunteers felt that the best look of BTS at these events was the Variety suits that they wore while collecting their award for Best Group 2019 at Variety HITmakers over BTS' MAMA stage outfits. BTS looked very powerful when they attended the event, standing as extremely popular figures. Considering the number of photos and candid videos of the members as they ate, danced, or sat while enjoying the atmosphere in their Saint Laurent suits, we can see why our AM members gave this look an edge and the number one slot in this poll.


In contrast, the BTS ARMY felt that the best look of 2019 was BTS’ MAMA final stage looks by a wide margin. As they created history and became the first group to sweep the MAMA awards, the stylish but regal look definitely suited the occasion, and we cannot deny ARMYs’ decision in making it their number one choice.

In the end, the BTS ARMY and ARMY MAGAZINE both believed that the MAMA stage and Variety looks were the cream of the crop between these four events.

Let us know in the comments: do you agree with the results or not? Leave your list below.

Lastly, Happy Holidays to all BTS ARMY around the world from ARMY MAGAZINE. 💜

Written by: Lee

Edited by: Sno

Design by: Judy

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog.

No copyright infringement intended.


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