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2014 welcomed BTS at already two albums and 202 days old. Although nobody could predict what the year had in store for the rookie septet, they surely left a lasting mark on the industry. Logs, BTS episodes, and fan meetings kept ARMY updated on their lives, revealing their endearing personalities through their off-stage mischievous behaviors. Meanwhile, the boys made their Japanese debut and kicked off their first series of concerts, showing their artistry to the world. Let’s embark on a flashback to seven years ago!

A New Era

BTS started the year following up with the last act of their school trilogy, Skool Luv Affair. The mini album, with title track Boy in Luv and Just One Day sold about 86,000 copies in Korea. It also reached #3 on Billboard World Album Chart. It was later repackaged in Skool Luv Affair Special Addition with two new songs and hidden tracks.

ARMY was yet to get over Bangtan in school uniforms when the boys entered their “Dark&Wild” era, promoting Danger and War of Hormone. August 2014 turned hot with BTS asking us what we wanted right now, their polite “Hello, hello” lingering in our minds. Of course, we took no time adjusting to their new bad boy looks, and enjoyed the album so much that it ranked 14th best selling album in Korea that year.

To ARMY with Luv

Between the killer dance moves and impactful lyrics, Jungkook entered high school. Whether you watch it for the first time or rediscover BTS’ maknae in his yellow school uniform, accompanied by his proud dad-like hyungs on the day of the Entrance Ceremony, make sure to have tissues nearby. Wasn’t he seriously adorable?

Speaking of adorable, did you know that SUGA wrote about 300 messages wrapped with candy for ARMY, and gave them out at a mini fan meeting in honor of his birthday? It took him several days to prepare this surprise event but, obviously, he gave it his all to please the fans. ARMY, 괜찮아요[gwaenchanh-ayo]?

BTS did not stop there with their cute interactions for ARMY. No less than 30 fansign events and fan meetings were held in Korea, complemented by their first Muster for fan-club members, and free concerts like the Lotte Duty Free Family Concert and Incheon K-pop Concert. In return, ARMY showed their love and support for the boys during their first MBC Idol Athletic Championships (ISAC) participation. Although SUGA couldn’t attend the ISAC because of an injury, the members didn’t try to cover up his absence, carrying around a bear in his honor (things haven't changed, right?), and Jimin won a silver medal in futsal!

Worldwide Bangtan

Naturally, BTS did not limit themselves to Korea. Along with their first international trips as a band, they set up a series of fan meetings abroad during which they met ARMYs in Brazil, China, Mexico, Germany, and Sweden.

They also visited Russia where they performed on stage and participated as judges for a K-pop cover dance competition in Moscow. In August, they flew to Los Angeles to perform at the 2014 KCON, where they discovered their growing popularity among US ARMYs.

By October 17, the boys realized their long-awaited dream of touring. The three months-long first leg of the “BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE II. THE RED BULLET TOUR” brought them to Korea, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, and in the Philippines, for a total of nine concerts.

June 2014: Happy Birthday Bangtan!

In June, BTS gifted us with what was to become a tradition and a highly anticipated event within the fandom, namely FESTA! They shared photo albums, two special dance practices of Adult Child and Beautiful, and their first Kkul (Honey) FM 06.13. You want more? Take a look at their iconic first birthday party at the dorm. Be aware though, it’s irresistible!

As if the month was not packed enough with first-year anniversary celebrations, BTS made their debut in Japan with the Japanese version of No More Dream, followed by Boy in Luv, Danger and their first full Japanese album: Wake Up, which sold about 28,000 copies in the first week of its release. Earlier, they also launched their Japan Official Fanclub and set out their first official Japanese fan meeting.

American Hustle Life

Another milestone - although somewhat controversial - in BTS’ career, was the reality show “BTS American Hustle Life,” broadcasted on Mnet from July to September 2014. Filmed in L.A, the eight-episode show featured the boys getting “trained” on “the American Hip Hop way of life.” Among others, they worked with famous rapper Warren G and vocal coach Iris Stevenson, who both praised the boys for their musical talent and genuineness. Despite some challenges, BTS took the experience as a great occasion to grow, keeping their usual positive mindset all along.

Best New Artists

Bangtan was also recognized with several awards, from Rookie Artist of the Year (at the Golden Disk Awards), to the Best New Artist Award (Seoul Music Awards), and the Best New Artist - Male Group (Gaon Chart Kpop Awards). They finished off the year with a banging performance of Boy in Luv at the MAMAs’ Red Carpet and a special stage alongside Block B, where they (especially Jimin!) made a strong impression!

As the years go by, memories we make with BTS become more and more meaningful, leading us to love them “more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.” So, ARMY, get ready for what will come next because your hearts need to be combat-ready to face 2015. As a warm up we suggest that you check our Best (of) 2013.

Written by: Helene

Edited by: Alice

Designed by: Judy

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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