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On February 24, ARMY had a magical time as BTS appeared on the set of MTV Unplugged, for the first time ever in history! MTV Unplugged is a musical show that regularly brings in various musicians, and its entire purpose is for artists to gift their fans with acoustic versions of their songs; Unplugged- that's where the name comes from. The entire fandom was immensely hyped for this important occasion, eager to see our idols perform in front of us, albeit virtually. The day finally arrived, and of course, it is not something we can just describe in a single sentence. Want to know about the magic that happened?

The septet kicked off their performance with the 80s inspired disco track Telepathy. Keeping in mind the joyful and retro vibe of the song, the group performed amidst a vibrant and colorful set that consisted of various games and a remarkable, shining red scooter! Co-written by SUGA, Jungkook and RM, the song is basically written for ARMY, and throws light on the fact that despite the long distance and geographical barriers separating us, we are still connected via unconditional love and support for each other. During the dark and lonely times of being self-quarantined, the boys still thought about us and our well-being. As they performed the song on the stage of MTV Unplugged, ARMYs from every corner of the globe felt a warm connection with them and to each other. Maybe that is why when the song ended, our hearts were still beating in unison to the rhythm of, "We may be far apart now, but our hearts are still the same."

After the funky track ended, the mood shifted to a slightly gloomy tone, making way for Blue & Grey. A soft pop ballad by genre, the track explores the feelings of depression and anxiety through their symbolic colors. Representing the mood of the track, the stage was decorated with tall grass, much like a grassland, perhaps symbolizing the loneliness that the band faced during the pandemic. In unity with the ethereal vocal skills of BTS and the dim lighting of the stage representing a somber day, the performance brought out the themes of the track perfectly; fear, sadness and impending loneliness.

The most beautiful surprise came in the form of a cover of Coldplay's legendary track, Fix You. "Healing" is definitely one word to describe this segment. The soft voices of the vocal line in harmony with the deeper notes of the rap line, backed with acoustic guitar in the first half and electric guitar in the second, was something that helped to soothe the wounds that this pandemic has inflicted on us. Their stage presence was magnificent, to say the least. The members sat on chairs as a spotlight shined on them whenever they hit a delicate note. It was both an auditory and visual fixture just to see them sit there and sing, "Lights will guide you home, And ignite your bones, And I will try to fix you." We ARMY, definitely needed to hear this from our boys during these dark times.

Lastly, the band presented us two other tracks from their latest album BE; Life Goes On and Dynamite. These two performances were distinguished from the others as they had a live band playing in the background. Life Goes On was performed on a more intricate note, with the members dressed up in suits of various shades of beige - matching the stage lighting. It was a soothing performance to listen to, and the harmonization of a keyboard, drums and guitars only added glory to the already divine voices of BTS! Dynamite was a comparatively vibrant performance, the stage lighting shifting between bright purple and various other neon shades. The members appeared to enjoy performing as much as we did listening. They looked majestic as ever in silken white suits, adding their own little twist here and there to the song!

The global pandemic had evidently drawn a huge gap between BTS and ARMY, as concerts, world tours, and everything alongside it came to a sudden standstill. But BTS still managed to overcome these obstacles and bridge the barrier between us by organizing online concerts and frequent live broadcasts. Such is their love for ARMY! This episode was undoubtedly another remarkable landmark in the journey of BTS growing as artists who defy all barriers of language, ethnicity and culture.

Written By: Esha

Edited By: Alice

Designed By: ThornToHisRose

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