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BTS included in ‘Exciting new music for Spring 2019’ | Pitchfork

It looks like BTS is bursting into mainstream, with more people excited about their upcoming full-length album than ever before. Pitchfork has just released its second list of new music to look forward to within the next three months - and guess what?! BTS is included alongside artists such as Childish Gambino, Lana del Rey and Holly Herndon!

On Tuesday, March 21, a list of 22 independently selected albums the Pitchfork's editors considered worth waiting for was published on their website. Moreover, to ARMY’s delight, the Map of The Soul (MOTS): PERSONA album didn't just make the list, but is also nicely placed in Top 10!

Noah Yoo says: “Inarguably the most famous Korean pop group in the world, BTS, will release a new full-length record this year. MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA follows last year’s LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’, which became the first Korean-language album to top the Billboard 200 chart in America. BTS are set to perform shows in the United States, Europe, and other regions this year. Plus, they’ll make their “Saturday Night Live” debut in April.”

Inspired by the founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, it's no surprise that MOTS is highly anticipated by both ARMY and critics. With over 2.68m pre-orders within the first 5 days, the album is already setting new records without a released tracklist, teasers, or concept photos. By the way, if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy, you can do so following one of these links:

There are only 3 weeks left until #PersonaIsHere. What are you most excited about?

Let us know!

Written by: Cristina A.


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