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BTS’ Music Journey Now on Radio!

BTS launched a new show on Apple Music called “BTS Radio: Past & Present.” The show was a three-episode limited series which aired weekly starting May 28. It celebrated nine years of BTS, and led up to the release of their new album PROOF. The seven members shared stories and songs which helped shape who they are as artists. Let’s take a look at what was mainly discussed and what songs were picked by the members for each episode!

Episode 1: BEGINNINGS (May 28)

In this episode, BTS explained the beginning of the group with songs that inspired their sound and style. They started with No More Dream, due to it being the group’s debut song, one in which SUGA said showed their emotions and message clearly. The next songs were N.O and Danger, which were picked by Jin; he said these two reminded him of them going through hard times as well as choreos. Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life came next. SUGA expressed that he has a lot of memories of how much he struggled with this song, to the point it moves him to tears just remembering.

Another song picked was We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2, to which j-hope and Jungkook commented, as the title says, it’s a song which contains their identity and energy back then. Jimin’s pick was Epilogue: Young Forever. He stated that it gave him strength when facing hard times, and it’s a beautiful song ARMY has sung for them. V’s pick, which he called his favorite, was Save Me. j-hope agreed that it’s a song they cannot pass by among BTS’ discography. I Need U was the song picked by Jungkook. This song was meaningful to them because it was their first number one win on a Korean music show. The last song played was RM’s pick, which was RUN. To him, this song summarizes and symbolizes “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” era. The episode then ended with the members expressing their gratitude and goodbyes.

Episode 2: ARMY’S LOVE (June 3)

In the second episode, the BTS members picked some of ARMY’s favorite songs. They kicked it off with Mikrokosmos which, according to RM, is definitely a favorite in concerts. The next songs were The Truth Untold and Epiphany, which were picked by Jin. Both songs contain the message of telling hidden emotions which couldn’t be conveyed. UGH! and BTS Cypher Pt.3: Killer were played next, which are SUGA’s kinds of songs. He expressed he likes songs which are a bit wild, ones you can feel energy from, so when you listen to them it’s exciting.

j-hope’s picks were Make It Right and Heartbeat. He chose them because these are songs he’s been listening to lately and he heard ARMY likes them too. Next up were Jimin’s picks, which were Spring Day and Save Me. He describes how these are songs he knows ARMY loves for sure, both recorded and live. Then, Love Maze was played, V’s favorite. Jungkook agreed saying even though they don’t perform it live as often, it received a good reaction among ARMY when it came out. The last song played was Jungkook’s pick, which was HOME. He details that when performing it at concerts, he feels like they’ve come back to their home, with ARMY. They ended the episode by thanking ARMY for all the love and support they constantly receive.

Episode 3: GROWTH (June 10)

In the third and last episode, BTS showed how they ultimately achieved fame as global music sensations. The first song was ON, and it was picked by RM. He expressed how much he loves the message of the song and how he thinks it represents BTS’ growth. Blood Sweat & Tears played next as Jin’s pick. He recounts that during its time they worked very hard and practiced a lot, literally shedding their blood, sweat, and tears. SUGA’s picks were up next: I Need U and FIRE. He stated when he listens to these songs, he feels like he’s going back to those days. The song j-hope picked was Outro: Wings. His reason behind it was because throughout BTS’ history, there have been hard and tough moments, but when he listens to this song, he feels only happiness.

Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment), BTS’ new song, was Jimin’s pick. He thinks they’ve run very far up until now and this song serves as a comma in their journey, not a period, thus they’ll be back even stronger. To V, a song which shows BTS’ growth is Dynamite. He chose it as it was their first song to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart and overall, he loved the vibe and enjoyed filming the music video. Lastly, Jungkook’s pick was IDOL. He said the song itself is so good, it received lots of love, and it is great to perform live on stage. After this, BTS ended the episode in hopes that everyone enjoyed the songs and the show in general. They thanked ARMY and Apple Music for making it possible.

“BTS Radio: Past & Present” was fun and meaningful to BTS and ARMY. It was also a huge success on the platform, breaking the record for biggest show of the year with the debut episode “Beginnings”; very well-deserved. The members showed their love and effort in making this show and in picking the songs which best represented the kind of artists they were and are now. By contrasting their past and present, it’s needless to say it went perfectly with the concept of PROOF, which closes the first chapter in their music journey.

ARMY can’t wait for what BTS has in store for the future, whether it be individual or group projects. They will definitely keep making history as music legends!

Written by: Ala

Edited by: Dae

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

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