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BTS’ Lost Performances

BTS has blessed us with some spectacular performances, creating shows that many of us couldn't even imagine. Every time BTS gets on stage, they want to do better than their last performance. From stage sets to choreography and overall performance, BTS and their team never fail to deliver.

Just off the top of our heads, there is Jungkook flying above the crowds for Euphoria, their stealthy performance at the Grammys for Butter, every time they burn up the stage with Fire, and their iconic showmanship of IDOL in MMA 2018.

There are obviously quite a few memorable stages that we remember so well, but there comes a point where certain performances could get lost in the sea of works that are BTS' legacy.

Today, we’ve compiled a list that brings back into light some performances that people might have forgotten or have never seen before. BTS gives ARMY so much content that sometimes it’s understandable when some videos go missing from our watchlists.

Now, let's get into it!

You Might Have Missed…

The first performances we want to highlight are the ones performed for “Picnic Outing Live in 2015”. On a rooftop, BTS performed wonderful acoustic versions of their songs with an accompanying live band. Only a few ARMYs got to watch these live acoustic renditions of I Need U, Tomorrow, and War of Hormone.

The next performance is their live vocal performance of Coffee and Just One Day at “KBS Cool FM Jang Yoon Joo Rooftop Radio” in 2014. BTS was quite young in terms of age and their career, but their vocals showed the promise they already had and would continue to hone as they grew.

This next performance is actually a cover but it was so good that it had to be included here. In this performance, the vocal line sang a cover of Taeyang’s You’re My on “SBS MTV 2013.” With their sweet and charming vocals, they complemented and harmonized with each other wonderfully throughout the song.

For this next one, we have BTS sitting down and focusing on their vocal performance rather than dance but it was still amazing to experience. They performed on “A Song For You” in 2014, and they sang/rapped their songs Miss Right and Let Me Know. Now, these performances were on another level of fantastic and if you haven’t listened to these, we highly encourage you to.

This performance was done for “StarCast Live” in 2015 in which BTS performed I Need U slow-jam version. The performance is so well done that you’ll want to rewatch it again and again. This version of the song lets you experience a different vibe to the original, but BTS still delivers those same emotions and vocals that made all of us fall in love with this song.

BTS’ appearance at JBTV’s “Secret Show” in 2017 was very special and historic as the JBTV stage had seen important artists perform on it. Here, BTS performed Dope, Save Me, and Fire, after which some of their music videos were shown and they were interviewed for the show.

Collaborative Performances

2PM, VIXX, and BTS collaborated for a powerful performance at “KBS Song Festival” in 2014. It was a special performance as 2PM was a senior group of the 2nd generation of idols while BTS and VIXX were their juniors from the 3rd generation. The groups each performed individually and then came together to dance to Happy by Pharrell Williams.

BTS and GOT7 shared a stage for MAMA in 2015 where they performed a collaborative dance full of power and impressive jumps. After their shared dance stage titled Virtual Boys, they each performed their own songs with BTS performing Run, and GOT7 performing If You Do.

As many idols don’t get a chance to share stages with each other due to conflicting schedules, it’s nice to see them perform together as it creates harmony and exudes their shared love for the stage.

It was fun to go back and see all the wonderful times BTS performed for us. While doing so, we were able to admire the talents they had since they were young and how they’ve evolved as artists.

We hope you enjoyed watching back on these as much as we did. As we said before, BTS gives us so many performances we couldn't fit everything in one blog. If there are any other performances, share them with us on our socials on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

See you next time, ARMY!

Written by: Lizette

Edited by: Ren

Designed by: Nico

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended. While we strive to include official links and sources, this blog will lead you to some performances that are not. All links have been checked by our staff, but please click at your own discretion.


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