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BTS Island: In The SEOM

Imagine playing a BTS game where you can take a break, increase your own happiness level and enjoy the little easter eggs. A game that represents the duality seen in the members, as it calms you down with its soothing scenery while keeping you constantly engaged in beating the game and competing against others. Well, BTS created a small, special world especially for us.

The quest for fun and relaxation began as BTS announced the launch of a new game titled BTS Island: In the SEOM. The puzzle game featuring the septet stuck on a mysterious and empty island managed to get a myriad of fans hooked on the first day of release itself.

It was announced earlier in the month of April, and pre-registrations for the game began on April 26. Within four days of its kickoff, more than one million users had signed up to pre-register for the game, which was released on platforms such as Apple and Google Play on June 28.

The characters RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook appear in the game as cute, round, animated avatars dressed in customized outfits. According to the game’s website, In the SEOM takes place on an island which is created for “rest.” The seven members arrive on a remote island with the help of a whale for an unexpected vacation, only to find out that there was nothing on the island. It is a story-based puzzle game where players can make the characters go swimming, fishing, set off fireworks, eat meals, and rest in a hammock.

Users can visit other players’ islands and form clubs as well. The avatars’ outfits, which are based on BTS’ actual stage costumes and accessories, can also be customized by players. As the players solve more puzzles, they are able to level up and the users with the highest points are shown on the leaderboard. Fans were endeared as the characters were akin to how BTS would go about their day in their very own reality show, “In the SOOP.”

The game description on the Apple App Store went into further detail. Game players will have the opportunity to solve “thrilling puzzles that were co-created by BTS members.” Users can decorate their own islands and play puzzles and games to earn rewards. In the SEOM has 1,000 puzzles and many of the missions are based on BTS’ “real life bucket list.”

Prior to the arrival of In the SEOM, four episodes titled “BTS Become Game Developers”, showcasing how BTS had a hand in developing and designing the game right from its inception, were released. All seven members helped to develop their own characters to precisely capture their personalities. They also had an imaginative say in the game’s creation, from building the story and puzzles to the titles, logo and much more.

Adding to his ever-growing list of productions and to ARMY’s surprise, the soundtrack for the game was produced by SUGA! According to HYBE’s press release, the track, titled Our Island, is best described as a “beautiful piano melody” with a string arrangement and acoustic guitar paired with the sounds of nature, to make the players feel a “warm and dreamy feeling, much like the scenery of the game’s peaceful island.”

In collaboration with In the SEOM, BTS released a special music video on June 20 for their latest lead single Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment), from their anthology album, PROOF. The music video features the cute animated avatars from the game and colorful visuals much like the original. The global appeal of In the SEOM is commendable as it is available to play in a total of six different languages, making it accessible for ARMY around the world to enjoy.

Band members Jungkook and RM took to Instagram Stories to share screenshots of them playing the game and being quite fond of their characters. ARMY adored their enthusiasm as both members formed their own clubs in the game and decorated their islands, only to run out of hearts to level up. j-hope mentioned during his Weverse Live on July 25 that the other members play the game as well.

In the SEOM, with its adorable quirks and engaging puzzles, has all of us hooked without a doubt. The cute dialogues and relaxing music paired with the lovable avatars make it the perfect way to unwind after a long and busy day! What makes the game wonderful is that it feels like ARMY’s very own paradise, a place where we can always visit to connect with others and fill our hearts with joy whenever we miss BTS.

Written by: Pluto

Edited by: Menriquez

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

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