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Although BTS could not give us a new “Bon Voyage” season this year, they did not leave us empty handed and gave us “In The SOOP” instead. This title might sound bizarre at first, but the Korean word 숲 (soop) actually means forest, which is where they spent their time. From woodcarving to painting, BTS enjoyed their time off doing all types of activities. In the great words of Namjoon, it was legendary.


Among the array of activities available to them, Jin had his eyes set on catching fish. Unfortunately, fate had other plans as he could not catch any. However, he did not give up and dragged Yoongi with him, even making a painting to summon the fish. Alas, his hard work did not pay off. Meanwhile, Namjoon and Taehyung built electric boats and had fun swerving them around in the water- until they got stuck. Nevertheless, they eventually got the boats out of the bushes and continued enjoying their new toy.

In the sports spectrum, Jungkook practiced boxing quite intensely only to be semi-interrupted by Taehyung, who ended up flexing his own boxing skills and helping Jungkook train his abs. Everyone also took turns getting competitive over ping pong, and held several tournaments throughout their stay, especially Jin and Jimin who played even at night. They also played badminton and baseball, where Taehyung showed off his bat handling skills and even had a mischievous water fight.

With all the chaos, the boys ought to relax as well, Namjoon and Yoongi chose to indulge themselves in good books. Taehyung relaxed by canoeing, where he played us a snippet of his upcoming mixtape. On the karaoke machine, Jimin entertained Hoseok with his rapping skills. Jin hosted a hilarious game of Avalon, in which the members had to decide who was good or bad.


This show might as well have been a mukbang, seeing as BTS took great pleasure in cooking and eating. In fact, they enjoyed it so much that one of the first things they did was cook jjapaguri. Jin, who had previously asked the staff to provide flatfish, tried deboning it from scratch. Jungkook later joined him in his filleting adventures and they ended up making flatfish sashimi. We also witnessed Taehyung cook many times during the show. He made nurungji for breakfast, jamon melon, and fried steak when cooking with Namjoon, who made his famous aglio e olio which thrilled the members. Despite the rain holding them inside, all was not lost as Hoseok came up with the brilliant idea to make pajeon- a dish typically eaten on rainy days in Korea. Yoongi also played a big part in cooking as he made budaejjigae, eomuk soup, doenjang jjigae and even dakgalbi. The boys also struggled to fry chicken, burning the outside and leaving the inside raw. However, they worked things out pretty quickly and still managed to savor their meal.


BTS got creative in many different ways. While messing around on the piano, Jimin, Jin and Taehyung all took turns making up different songs when all of sudden Taehyung started singing a song about the show. This melody, originally composed as a joke, was then developed into a proper theme song by Yoongi. We also caught a glimpse of Jungkook practicing his guitar and singing Lost Stars.

Exploring their crafty side, the boys tried woodcarving, which turned out to be harder than expected. Concentrated, Hoseok spent a lot of time meticulously making a rubber-powered glider, his goal being for the glider to work as it never did when he was younger. Jungkook, Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok and Jimin all played around with paint in their own ways. Jungkook painted two canvases in a similar style to Bob Ross’, Namjoon used dotting, Yoongi experimented on a size 200 canvas, and Hoseok completed a unique and colorful painting whilst also customizing a pair of shoes with Jimin.

Two is better than one

Right after making gimbap, Namjoon and Hoseok went hiking on a nearby mountain for a little morning adventure. Although the trail was a little steep, they enjoyed their trip and mini picnic. But the adventures did not end there for Hoseok as he traveled with Taehyung to Hedgehog Island, got burgers and had lunch while dancing and enjoying the tranquil scenery. Taehyung also had a chance to sit and drink with Jungkook, having a meaningful chat about their friendship.

Before the show came to an end, we were gifted with a video of the members recording the theme song, where they all flexed their vocals with crazy ad-libs. That’s it for “In The SOOP”, be sure to check it out on Weverse if you haven't already! As always, purple you!

Written by: Alice

Edited by: Ren

Designed by: Vaira

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