BTS: Growing Together

Personal growth has been a common theme for the members of BTS, both in and outside of music. They explored this in a series of individual interviews for Weverse Magazine, touching on several subjects in the most honest way. The following blog is a presentation of what they’ve shared with us through words and actions. We hope it’ll work as a form of encouragement and comfort for you.

In Jimin’s interview he explained, “If I was more focused on my surroundings before, now I am able to focus on myself as well.” It was great to read that and also be able to line it up with glimpses of him putting it into practice. In his recent VLive for example, he mentioned how he’s adjusting his sleeping schedule and enjoying his life despite the circumstances. He is more aware of his needs and health. His self-care is admirable.

During his interview, SUGA said “...I’ve become more certain since the pandemic started that I’m the kind of person who always has to be doing music.” Not only did he teach us that even if we feel stuck there’s always a way forward, but his recently produced ringtone for Samsung showed more than ever just how much SUGA lives and breathes music. A different project and concept but still very SUGA.

RM stated, “I want to express myself in full.” Which at first glance seems easy to do, is actually one of the hardest things to achieve. For RM, the difficulty is compounded by being a public figure who cannot say and do anything without first considering how it might be taken out of context. Despite this, he’s been very open and honest when expressing himself, like when he shares a moment of a bike ride, a joke, or all the love he can through words.

“I just want to exchange the good, and be the one to embrace the bad,” V said. As an artist, he gives happiness and also takes away sadness. He does this when he visits on Weverse and when he goes live. When he makes ARMY happy he also becomes happy and prevailed over the bad. Our happiness is just as important to him as his own and it links us together.

Jin is one of the most accommodating and considerate people out there, part of his journey has been to be accommodating and considerate to himself as well. In his interview, he said, “...I’m trying harder and trying to do well without exhausting myself...” This is just one example that shows how he has grown to nurture himself and others. In his recent VLive, he was laid back and without pressuring himself, another great example of this beautiful growth.

In his interview, j-hope explained his self-growth process too by telling us, “I want to say that I developed my own type of growth for myself by repeatedly correcting and practicing…” On his VLive he took us into the dance practice room and showed off his dancing skills. As he said, he continues to work hard and practice until late because he wants to keep growing. His drive to improve and learn is what makes him the inspiring artist he is today, and we’re honored he shares that with us!

Like all of us, Jungkook is going through his life journey and can at times be too hard on himself. He mentioned, “I want to show them… Just my real self...” His words are a relief, they mean that he’s in a comfortable space to share more of himself. Opening oneself to the world is scary, especially for someone in his public position. However, in his recent VLive he looked at peace with himself and acted naturally, being seen as just him, showing us everything with so much energy.

BTS has clear visions of self-improvement and sets them into motion. Their dedication is the same, each striving for the same goal, just differently. They’re all in it for the long haul to see this journey through to the end. So, as ARMY, we all have one-way tickets alongside them.

Written by: Lizette

Edited by: LJ

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