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BTS: Global Leaders for Change

On September 25, BTS was part of a lineup of artists, celebrities, and world leaders who participated in Global Citizen Live, a music festival that joins the voices of people all over the world to demand change for a better world.

So what is Global Citizen Live?

This annual live musical event was founded in 2012 to combat global poverty. In the following years, Global Citizen Live began to also support other causes affecting everyone all around the world, many of those aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals that aim to end extreme poverty globally by 2030.

For this year, the event focused on the Citizen 2021 global campaign, named the Recovery Plan for the World. The campaign was created to combat 5 pressing issues for the world today: ending COVID-19, ending the hunger crisis, aiming at continuation of learning for all, protecting the planet, and advancing equity for everyone.

With the participation of 70+ artists, this 24-hour event streamed and aired on multiple platforms across different cities and continents. Notable artists included Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes, Sir Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, and of course, BTS.

BTS excitedly opened the show welcoming everyone, with Jungkook saying “This is Global Citizen Live” and the rest joining in by saying “Welcome to Seoul, Korea.”

We then saw them performing their #1 Billboard hit Permission to Dance, giving ARMY another high-energy stage. This song couldn’t have been more fitting for the event, as it was created with thoughts of our world after COVID-19 ends and the hardships we all have faced are over.

The song shows the unity we can have as people from all over the globe through the power of dance and music. BTS performed on a stage with the words ‘Global Citizen Live’ written on it and lights shining through. The location of the performance was Sungnyemun Gate, which is #1 on Korea's list of official national treasures. Their outfits were beautiful and had them in tan and brown colors with pops of orange and blue. As the performance ended and dancers came in to join them, the boys all had large smiles and fun energy.

BTS also performed their other record-breaking #1 hit on Billboard, Butter, which was released later for viewing. For this performance they began from Sungnyemun Gate, then the camera followed them onto the street giving us amazing views of the city. The boys were stunning in black with pops of red and blue, some being Saint Laurent pieces. BTS gave an electrifying performance and included another wonderful dance break. They ended their performance with some pyrotechnics as the camera panned out to another view of the city.

Following the Global Citizen Live account’s hints at another surprise involving Bangtan, we received a collaborative stage between BTS and Coldplay, as they performed their new song collaboration My Universe from NYC. The lead singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin, warmly addressed BTS and showed his excitement for the song. The performance was filled with great moments, showing each of BTS’ faces on a giant screen singing and dancing to the song. Chris Martin even addressed Jin as “Worldwide Handsome,” and playfully admitted he couldn’t follow along with j-hope’s and SUGA’s verses. It was a fun surprise that gave ARMY a taste of what it will be like if we ever get to see them share a stage physically in the future.

These performances closed BTS’ musical participation in the event, but their commitment to the causes Global Citizen Live fights for will continue. As active advocates for world change, recently appointed as presidential envoys for future generations and culture, BTS delivered a powerful speech for the UN Sustainable Development Goals meeting in the United Nations General Assembly. Therefore, it came as no surprise that they lent their voices to an event that promotes unity, equality, and change. For BTS and ARMY, participating in charitable causes that promote love, unity, and sustainability is something we all wholeheartedly do together. Watching BTS perform for such an event was awesome but it was also great to see them continue their path of creating change using their voices while amplifying ours.

If any of you want to participate in the many causes that Global Citizen Live aids in, you can sign up on their website and become a Global Citizen for Change.

We hope ARMY all around the world had a wonderful time watching BTS carry on their legacy, not only musically but as powerful advocates for a better world for all.

Written by: Lizette

Edited by: Marcie

Designed by: Achan

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