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BTS Beyond the Story Part 1: “Because we are BTS”

There have been various media outlets wanting to handle the narrative around BTS, why they are who they are, and if their success can be formulated and replicated. After 10 years of said assumptions, BTS released a book documenting the realities of their career.

The bookBeyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS” was released on July 9, 2023, which was in honor of ARMY’s 10th anniversary. The book is set to be translated into 23 languages to reach ARMYs all over the world. Myeongseok Kang is the author and our guide into the story behind the name BTS.

Most ARMYs know BTS’ story like the back of their hand, but there are aspects that we are unaware of. There are stories we know, but BTS now offers a different perspective. The book allows another view of the BTS story, with more insight into their feelings and challenges that we could only speculate about before.

The book has seven chapters with subsections, as the story is told through Kang’s narration and interviews with BTS.

Chapter 1: SEOUL

The book starts with how each member arrived at what was Big Hit Entertainment, and how they adapted to dorm life and each other.

The chapter highlights how treacherous the road to debut was and how BTS was not a close-knit brotherhood from the beginning. Despite that, they all came together to create a synergy that cannot be mimicked.

Kang features a collision of views as each member had come from a different background and had been waiting to debut for a different length of time. They did not share the same vision as to how things could be.

Despite these differences, they grew closer as they learned to respect and admire each other. They were not quite the family they are now but it was the beginning of something beautiful.

Chapter 2: WHY WE EXIST

How do you deal with adversity? For Bangtan, it was through sheer determination and a love for their music. Chapter 2 focuses on the journey BTS went through with their first four albums. They candidly spoke of the moments they thought they were failing and how they felt like outsiders.

People around them belittled them, underestimating the talent that lay within BTS. However, every insult, though hurtful, filled them with determination to prove the world wrong. Currently, they are more at peace with it all, but during their younger years, it was a tough road to walk.

In order to retain their musical identity, they had to break the rules. BTS led with hip-hop and in the idol world at the time, that was not welcomed. Despite this, BTS was able to valiantly continue with their vision, which was fundamental to their success.

Though their first four albums were, as RM put it, moments of “sweet, bitter, sweet, bitter,” that was the music that would shape their identity. Not only because they were showing what they could produce, but because the adversities they faced during that time would fuel them for their future.

Chapter 3: LOVE, HATE, ARMY

The third chapter goes over the time of “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” series. The trilogy was their turning point after a rough start, though still unbeknownst to them then. All they knew was that they wanted to go harder than before.

Thoughts of having to leave the industry because of these hardships fell heavy on their shoulders. Yet, those emotions were a catalyst for their amazing lyricism and musical delivery in a way it had never been done before.

BTS was in unprecedented territory: they had introduced heavy subject matters in their MVs, created characters in a cinematic universe, and spoke frankly about the hard times. The risks they took here determined their undeniable identity as trendsetters and a group unwilling to back down.

This tenacity and love for music were foundational points as to why BTS attracted ARMYs all over the world. Although it started small, the bond that has been created is unbreakable. There is mutual sincerity and devotion and it is how BTS and ARMY got through tough years of unprovoked harassment and bullying.

This section showed that despite how much others wanted to beat them down, BTS would continue to fly into stardom accompanied by an ARMY.

This book opens another level of trust between BTS and ARMY, strengthening the bond. As we continue going through the journey within the book, we hope that all ARMYs rejoice in the beauty of BTS opening up once more to all of us.

Thank you for joining us on this initial look into the book. See you in the next blog!

Written by: Lizette

Edited by: Ren

Designed by: Achan

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