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Being able to go and see BTS in Los Angeles for iHeartRadio's Jingle Ball is something to celebrate for many reasons.

First, the boys are going to perform in Los Angeles in a popular American event alongside a line-up of artists like Billie Eillish, Halsey and Lizzo. It also means that I can see them live after securing tickets to the sold-out show.

Not only does the concert take place only two days after Jin’s Birthday--which is a celebration of its own--but it is also a personal celebration as well; it marks seven months since the day I fell for BTS at their Rose Bowl concert in Los Angeles! As an ARMY excited to form new memories with BTS, I can only look forward.

Even before Friday December 6, the day of the event, ARMYs had every reason to be excited. In November, BTS announced on their Twitter account that they would kick off the show. Then, ARMYs were told that a “Meet and Greet (M&G),” which included a photo with the boys, was in the works.

Of course, it is no surprise that a crazy line of ARMYs awaits in the Village trying to access the free pre-event to try to win M&G tickets through a contest on the day. The results arrive, and the lucky winner explodes with endless enthusiasm on Twitter while the rest of us overcome disappointment by regularly checking social media for updates and interviews of the boys with the radio station. Fortunately, the two hour wait between the end of the contest and the doors opening (during which the bird app goes wild with some fake rumors about the M&G) finally ends, and everybody can focus on the show.

I know I am not going to a BTS concert, but a piece of my mind hopes that I’ll see them perform for the entire night.

The Forum, where the Jingle Ball is taking place, is a concert hall, so every seat is supposed to be great. Mine is far from the stage but I am not worried since every seat in a BTS concert is a good seat. Yet, I wonder how the audience seated behind the stage is feeling. Of course, they will still enjoy the show on a screen, but…

ARMY is truly ready to make every sacrifice to “see” the boys.

The venue is slowly being filled with bright ARMY bombs and, right on time, BTS lands on stage like seven beautiful angels in their classy white suits. With no warning for ARMYs’ poor hearts, they start to perform “MIC Drop” in front of a purple ocean of ARMY bombs screaming the fan chants repeatedly!

Everybody is cheering so hard that I can barely hear the music from my seat. I don’t mind; I am breathing the same air as BTS, and I can see with my own eyes a great version of “MIC Drop” in a crazy ambiance. I can also enjoy Taehyung chewing his sexy, imaginary gum, Jin’s forehead in full display, and both Jimin and Jungkook being flirty with the camera. Lucky me!

During a short talk in English, they all thank ARMY, the Jingle Ball’s organizers, and speak about how happy they are to be here. Again, the hysterical noise covers most of their words, but I catch RM’s wise and cheerful talk about 2019 being a year where both good and not-so-good things have happened. He says 2020 will be the year when BTS will make things right alongside with ARMY.

And guess what? Flowing from that, we have a heavenly version of “Make It Right” directly in front of our mesmerized eyes, continuously supported with our loud, cheering voices.

Before “Boy With Luv” starts, the whole venue is so deep into the performance that we are all ready to keep our energy up for the whole night. Since Halsey is part of the line-up and she just released “SUGA’s Interlude” (a song from her upcoming album that features SUGA) yesterday, we are delighted but not completely surprised to see her join the boys during their performance. They interact so well together that we happily accept the gift!

Once the last note of BWL fades away, they all wave goodbye and nobody can believe what is happening. After three way-too-short songs, it is time for the rest of the line-up to come onstage. RM dips out, quickly followed by the other members, and reality hits me: it is not a BTS concert!

At first, a lot of ARMYs and I begin to feel that BTS and ARMYs were treated unfairly with such a short set of songs compared to other artists. But let’s be honest: BTS has such a packed schedule, and Jingle Ball is only one of their numerous commitments in December. Despite that, they pursued a moment to meet us overseas. Plus, BTS’ performance at the Jingle Ball equals 15 minutes of pure joy, so it is immediately placed in my 2019 Top 3 Most Intense Moments with BTS list, alongside with Speak Yourself at the Rose Bowl and The Final in Seoul.

So, I decide to enjoy the rest of the show and to stick to RM’s words: 2019 may have been a mix of good and bad, but 2020 will be another successful year for BTS with ARMY on their side. So, let’s get ready for their amazing comeback!

Written by: Helen B

Edited by: Sno

Design by: Leslie

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