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BTS as Fashionistas 2023

It's a fact that whatever BTS does, whether as a group or individually, everyone will pay attention to them, so much so that they cannot bring themselves to look away. Fashion is one of those mediums of expression, which the septet has used to show their aspects of personality in their journey as artists, like in their music videos, performances, and public appearances. On an individual level, BTS members RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are exploring their unique styles in the second chapter of their careers, which would make their group work more vital than ever. Being announced as brand ambassadors of famous fashion brands and their appearances in fashion shows is one opportunity that speaks to their individualities. They have even made everyone go crazy over their looks! Without further ado, let us look at the fashion show appearances of Jimin, j-hope, and SUGA and the impact on the brands that appointed Jimin and SUGA as ambassadors.


Social media was on fire when, on January 16, Dior announced Jimin as the new Global Ambassador of the fashion brand! Following this announcement, Jimin was invited to Paris Men’s Fashion Week, which he attended on January 20, where Dior’s Artistic Director Kim Jones (who designed BTS’ wardrobe for the 2019 “Love Yourself - Speak Yourself” tour) presented the brand’s Winter 2023 collection at the show. After these events, the marketing platform Lefty reported that Dior’s Earned Media Value (EMV) rose to $17 million after they announced Jimin’s ambassadorship on Instagram. His Fashion Week appearance led to its EMV increase by 370%, meaning about $35 million, which is twice as much as its competitor Yves Saint Laurent. 


j-hope attended not one but three fashion shows of luxury brands Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Hermès on January 19, 20, and 21, respectively, in Paris! It’s a no-brainer for these brands to invite the rapper, singer, songwriter, and dancer as a special guest, as he has always experimented with fashion as a group member and in individual endeavors. He does all of this while still bringing out the sunshine with his warm smile. For the Louis Vuitton show, j-hope sported an abstract camouflage look, making him the show's highlight! The following day, he wore a grey pleated outfit with a CD silver choker, joining the new ambassador of Dior, Jimin, in the front row. At the Hermès fashion show, he appeared in a cold-warm blend of a comfortable but casual and luxurious look, sporting a black jacket with teal lapels detailing the collars, a dark grey shirt, and black trousers, completing it with gloves matching with the jacket.  


On January 17, Valentino announced SUGA as the new DI.VA of the fashion brand, creating a massive buzz on social media. DI.VAs is a term created by Valentino that the brand uses to refer to Global Ambassadors, which stands for Different Values. DI.VAs, according to Valentino, is a “multifaceted character of codes upheld by inner values. Empathetic, intelligent and romantic, the DI.VAs are the essence of authenticity, progressive ideals, and diversity that lead to change and convey the value of the Maison.” Reading this description makes perfect sense why SUGA was chosen as a DI.VA, which is accurately conveyed by the brand’s Instagram post on SUGA’s appointment as an ambassador: “Chosen for his authenticity, creativity and empathy, SUGA reflects the values of the Maison, speaking to a generation through his contemporary ideals.” The announcement was followed by SUGA attending the Valentino Le Club Couture show in Paris on January 25, where he wowed everyone with his beige look designed by Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli. As we write this blog, the content on Instagram related to these activities has received 200 to 500 thousand likes.

January ended with a BIG bang (no pun intended), with Jimin being announced as a Global Ambassador for Dior and vibing at the fashion show, followed by SUGA becoming a DI.VA for Maison Valentino and making everyone swoon with his simplistic beige look. Last but not least, j-hope showed many sides of himself at three of the shows he attended in Paris! The three of them have made distinctive fashion statements, embracing their respective individual colors while reminding everyone of the message they have clearly stated: they are here to stay. It seems they’ll take control of every industry at this point, which ARMY is grateful for since they have the opportunity to see the members shine in other ways. Go, BTS, go!

Written By: Anugya

Edited By: Cassie

Designed By: ThornToHisRose

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.       

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