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Over the years, Jimin has celebrated his birthday on stage many times. Even this year, despite the circumstances and a lot of shared emotions and frustration, Jimin did what he lives for: performing on stage. Of course, the picture would not be complete without ARMYs’ events, fundraising all around the world, and a huge birthday present. Let’s have a closer look at how the days that surrounded October 13, 2020 unfolded inside ARMY’s spectrum.

Birthday Wishes

BTS likes celebrating their members’ birthdays alongside ARMY. In 2019, Jimin was surprised with a happy birthday song during their concert in Saudi Arabia. One year later to the day, BTS were also up on stage for the highly anticipated “Map of the Soul ON:E” online concerts. Some ARMYs who were logged into the concerts via video conference had prepared banners with birthday wishes, but the broadcasting format didn’t allow the members to celebrate Jimin’s 25th (international) birthday. Nevermind that, as BTS’ angel was the one gifting ARMY with his astonishing performances in Black Swan and Filter along with magical tricks. As for him, Jimin had to wait for D-Day to receive proper wishes from the members and a great surprise from ARMY.

At precisely 12am KST on October 13, @bts_bighit tweeted a picture of all the members holding a birthday cake, and Weverse welcomed ARMY with a “Happy Birthday Jimin” message. Twenty photos of Jimin taken throughout the past year were posted on Facebook and BTS’ Instagram Story was updated. On Twitter, SUGA went with a simple “Jimin-ah, happy birthday to you! Have a happy day”, along with hashtags #HBDJimin, #ItsSugaHyung, #HappyBirthdayJimin and the surprising #Irreplaceable referring to Tony Montana’s lyrics, to which Jimin replied “Why did you write 'Irreplaceable'?”

Photos Credits:BTS Official Facebook

J-hope shared multiple photos and short videos of the birthday boy and wished for him to “be always healthy and happy”. Jin, in his humorous yet innovative manner, opted for a birthday wish written on toilet paper with floral patterns!

Photos Credits:@bts_twt

Jimin thanked everyone with two of the cutest selfies ever and the promise to meet ARMY on VLive soon. The last member to take over Twitter to wish his dongsaeng a happy birthday was Namjoon along with cute photos and a fun caption in Korean that reads“Jimin-ah happy bbbbbb dddday”

James Corden (better known as “Papa Mochi”) celebrated “his son’s” special day on Twitter too with: “It’s Baby Mochi’s birthday!!!!! He’s all grown up. Happy Birthday Jimin! Love Papa xxx.” Do you find this as adorable as we do?

Billboard Hot 100 Artist n°1 & 2

In the meantime, ARMY gifted Jimin a huge birthday present. On October 13, Billboard posted the weekly results of the Billboard Hot 100 and needless to say that we were all delighted to find out that BTS ranked both n°1 and n°2 respectively with Savage Love (BTS Remix) and Dynamite! BTS is the first group to achieve this in over a decade and the fifth group to ever occupy the top two spots on the Hot 100 simultaneously! What a better way to celebrate Jimin than smashing new records for him and BTS!

Global Fundraising

Aside from breaking records, BTS is well-known for donating on their birthdays. So is ARMY. This year’s global fundraising and donations on Jimin’s behalf once again lived up to BTS’ angel’s kindness and genuineness. Knowing Jimin’s love for animals, the U.S fanbase @ParkJiminUSA95 encouraged donations to the nonprofit organization American Humane Society (which ensures the well-being of animals). In Switzerland, the fanbase @JiminSwissArmy went for a fundraiser to support “Krebskranke Kinder Basel” which helps children with cancer. In Indonesia, the fundraising project “1 000 Trees for BTS Jimin” led to funds for planting and maintaining 8,735 trees in Java. Other projects aimed at helping or feeding people in need and supporting the LGBTQ+ Community were also held.

ARMYs’ Events

Weeks before his actual birthday, Seoul got to wear its “Jimtober’s clothes.” In the popular neighborhood of Myeong-dong, the fanbase @JIMINBAR_CHINA created a wonderful display with a replica of Jimin’s Serendipity performance as well as an LED gate with flags and lights that sparkle at night. Hundreds of ads support were spread out everywhere in South Korea (i.e. TOM N TOMS, Kakao Talk or Theqoo) but these are only a few examples. Jimin’s birthday was also celebrated through a pop up café in Japan, cup sleeve events in Texas, California, etc., a Filter streaming event in Argentina, a radio show in Malaysia and of course, multiple fanarts and hashtags on Twitter like #HappyBirthdayJimin, #JIMINDAY, #OurOctoberPrince or #OurEternalSerendipity.

What did you do for Jimin’s birthday, ARMY? Did you bake an angel cake, trend hashtags on Twitter, or did you send a message on Weverse to our boy with luv? “We are curious about you, how was your day?” Please let us know.

Written by: Hel.B

Edited by: Alice

Designed by: AndyD

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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