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BTS Advertisements That Capture Their Personalities - pt 2

Ahoy ARMY! Here’s part two of advertisements done by BTS where we can see their personalities shine like dynamite. If you missed part one of this blog, you can check it out here. Let’s get it!


BTS started endorsing PUMA in 2015, but the above video was released in January 2016. Looking at this advertisement, one could even mistake it as an alternative music video for their November 2015 title track RUN, which is understandable. In the video, all seven members are literally running on the streets while wearing their PUMA BLAZE shoes, which culminates in BTS dancing to the song’s official choreography. The main difference here is that some lyrics of RUN were changed to highlight the product.


In this video, Jin’s playing guitar while V and Jungkook try guessing the song he’s playing. Between all this, Jungkook notices that Jin is wearing his shirt inside out. The next shot is a slow motion focus of Jin adjusting his shirt, and it truly brings out his ethereal and confident look, complementing his blonde hair. And you can’t forget V and Jungkook’s shocked reactions to his handsomeness at the end (been there, done that!)

Chilsung Cider X BTS

Lotte, being a conglomerate, has a diverse range of products. One of these is “Chilsung Cider”, which BTS were spokesmodels for in 2020, during the product’s 70th anniversary. The advertisement showcases all seven members dancing chaotically in full speed mode wearing outfits similar to the green tangerine flavor.

La Parfumerie (Samsung)

This is one of the advertisements that makes you think, “This brand knows BTS so well! How?” In this video, RM and Jimin are playing the role of perfumers who’ve received a new order from customer Isabel (as seen in RM’s Samsung Galaxy Watch3), and they are formulating a new perfume. The best part of this commercial is that you see the personalities of both RM and Jimin. One is analysing and testing the ingredients, while the other is experimenting with them, appreciating its beauty.

Love Me, Love Mediheal

BTS’ association as spokesmodels with Mediheal has been long, similar to PUMA’s. In 2019, Mediheal released some advertisements to promote their new range of beauty masks. In the above video, the septet are preparing to get on stage, while wondering whether or not they can pull it off. The advertisement ends with BTS standing on the stage and Namjoon’s voiceover, “If you love yourself as you are, there will be no place for doubt.”

Let’s Share The Heart

Allets, a Korean e-commerce platform, alongside Naver, collaborated with BTS for a charity campaign advertisement video. Titled “Let’s Share The Heart”, we can see BTS’ heartwarming camaraderie during the Christmas season. The charity in question is called LISA which “practices medical welfare business that seeks the promotion of the nation's health including organ donation, stem cell donation, support for the patient's medical expenses and blood banks”. It’s a well-known fact that BTS has been philanthropic since debut, and what can be better than advertising for a good cause?


An advertisement where the BTS members are sleeping in office clothing on a mattress without bed sheets? Yes and yes! In March this year, Coway announced BTS as their new ambassadors to promote their new appliances and home products like mattresses, air purifiers, and easy to use mini water purifiers. The above advertisement is unique because you see each member of BTS sleeping comfortably.


What’s the common link between BTS and BODYFRIEND? Both of them started from the bottom. It’s for this reason that BTS were roped in to endorse their massage chairs. We got many 15-20 seconds commercials showing each member’s cute, funny and heartwarming side. In this specific video, V freaks out when he sees SUGA sleeping on the floor. SUGA, being carried around towards the BODYFRIEND massage chair, will definitely remind you of the iconic moments the pair shared.

Hyundai Palisade X BTS (V and Jungkook)

In 2018 Hyundai joined hands with BTS to advertise their new SUV Palisade through a series of commercials. The commercial titled “Super Moon” shows V and Jungkook camping inside a Palisade SUV. One can’t help being reminded of WINGS concept photos when the camera is on V’s side profile. And who can forget Jungkook’s priceless reaction when V increases the size of the moon?


2019 marked the third time BTS endorsed VT Cosmetics. The brand released a series of individual CFs endorsing their new perfume collection L’ATELIER des SUBTILS, with each member showing off their own side and perfectly complementing the fragrances. In this CF, Namjoon walks around his workspace, looking brooding (with tinges of cuteness) in a black suit, which culminates with him spraying “l’Eau de Bois” (the Wood flavor) of L’ATELIER des SUBTILS.

Do you have any favorites, ARMY? Reach out and tell us about them!

Written by: Anugya

Edited by: Alice

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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