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BTS Advertisements That Capture Their Personalities - pt 1

To keep their audience invested and attract new customers, artists shoot advertisements (in Korean, the term CF aka Commercial Film is used) endorsing different brands. Public figures collaborate with a brand not just because of its influence, but also the values and personality they have in common.

Without further ado, here’s a list of advertisements done by BTS where their personalities shine brilliantly. Let’s Get It!

SK Telecom - BTS X Jessi

On February 16 2016, SK Telecom revealed that BTS was their company’s new face. Many videos were released with BTS in their RUN music video outfits or school uniforms promoting data coupons and cards. Out of these videos, BTS’ data coupon ad with rapper Jessi is the most popular. The highlight: the friendly standoff between BTS and Jessi that will definitely make you fall for their badass and chaotic personalities.


In 2018, PUMA announced that BTS would be their Global Ambassadors, starting from TURIN. This video has a personal touch, where BTS reminisces about the first time they started endorsing the brand. There are also references to BTS’ short films like “LIE” (apple) and “Butterfly Prologue” (RM helping j-hope to get up, surrounded by his fellow members).

LOTTE DUTY FREE X BTS “You’re So Beautiful”

Lotte Duty Free is a shopping service owned by Lotte Corporation. In 2018, LDF released a music video CF for the one-minute song "You're So Beautiful." The best part of this video is that the choreography features three dance breaks from Steve Aoki's remix of MIC Drop, which we saw for the first time at “WINGS Tour: The Final,” followed by their performance at 2017 MAMA.


This was the second advertisement for PUMA after BTS was declared Global Ambassadors. You see BTS being their dorky selves dancing to their own tunes, until they hear the whistle to pair up. Namjoon is the only one who doesn’t find a partner. Looking lost, Namjoon breaks the fourth wall and reaches out, “We need you.” In addition to the unique BTS charm, what's also hilarious is that you get to see Namjoon's clumsy side when he looks lost.

Don't Skip This 30 Seconds Commercial (bbq)

In 2016, Korean chicken brand bbq joined hands with BTS for a series of commercials endorsing the crispy, yummy, mouthwatering Korean chicken. One advertisement that brings out the hilarious side of each BTS member in less than a minute is this one, where each member tells the viewer not to skip the advertisement.

K’hawah Coffee Commercial

RM (formerly Rap Monster) became a model for the Korean coffee brand K’hawah alongside AOA’s Jimin and late rapper Iron in 2015. Each rapper in their respective CF and group CF showed their charisma while rapping their own verses, which would tie in with the essence of this coffee brand. In his CF, Namjoon characteristically uses wordplay with the brand name K’hawah. If you can’t get enough of his verse, here’s the translation of the CF song.

The Strange Tailor Shop

Samsung’s collaboration with BTS takes their charms and quirks to the next level with CFs like “The Strange Tailor Shop.” In a tailor shop reminiscent of the spy film “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” we see Jin and Jungkook’s shenanigans in a sophisticated fashion as they act like the film’s characters Eggsy and Galahad. The CF culminates in a choreographed stand-off where they attempt to take the Galaxy phone from each other.

SK Telecom/Samsung A8 and BTS

This was the first time BTS endorsed a Samsung phone. In this 60-second CF, BTS are performing choreography on the rooftop of a building. Some of the dance moves are direct references to DOPE and FIRE. You also see each member highlighting the phone’s features while lip synching to their verses. Apart from BTS’ unique charm showcased in their choreography, we get to see RM in the studio with the A8 smartphone and j-hope taking Jin’s photo with the latter making funny poses.

Hyundai Palisade X BTS

2018 was the year when BTS’ presence in the West was something the naysayers from Korea and the U.S. could not overlook. Due to their impact, Hyundai joined hands with BTS to advertise for their new SUV Palisade. The commercial titled “Palisade” shows all members saying the SUV’s name in ASMR-fashion. Even though you’re just listening to ASMR, you can still feel their charisma.


Male celebrities endorsing cosmetics is common in South Korea, and BTS is no exception to this. BTS have been endorsing VT Cosmetics since 2017, and this CF marked the second time they’ve endorsed this product. In the advertisement, by simply walking and sitting on the set, BTS still manages to bring forth their charming personalities, their power shining through the screen.

Do you have any favorites, ARMY? Reach out and tell us about them!

Written by: Anugya

Edited by: Ren

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