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BTS has always shown ARMY glimpses into their lives. The “Break the Silence” docu-series is no different. It takes viewers behind-the-scenes into the lives of the members, revealing the anticipation and anxiety of having their first stadium world tour, how they handle not being able to perform at their best, seeing the production of their songwriting and facing the struggles of being BTS. “Break the Silence” is a must-watch if you want to get to know BTS outside their performances and idol lifestyle. It’s also a great way to cope with tough times!


“Although moments are tough and exhausting… none of the members would think [this is enough]... we have a lot of ambition”

~ Jimin, when asked whether he thinks BTS has completed their journey.

The members revealed their anticipation and anxiety ahead of meeting their fans once again. The interviews start with Hoseok speaking at the top of the concert venue, watching ARMYs quickly fill up the arena. He even does his signature heart movements and waves to the unknowing ARMYs below. He talks about the artists who have come before them and performed at the venue, which made it that much more special to him as an artist himself. Concluding, he reminisces how he used to dream of performing at such a venue, and how surreal it is that his dream is met.

After the concert, we have Taehyung and Jungkook going to their hotel in the same car where Taehyung shares a new song he’s been working on. The lyrics are beautiful, telling the story of missing a lover as his soothing voice sings, “I think I fell in love with you at first sight.”

During the same night, we see Jin getting ready for bed, drinking water, reading a full page from a book he brought, and practicing his speech for Osaka before falling asleep.

Yoongi discusses the beginning of 2018 and how the year started for the group: “The job demands you to be on a constant rollercoaster.”

In probably one of the cutest moments of this episode, we find Jungkook sneaking off to find fried chicken while the rest of the group eats Korean food together with other staff members. Once he finds the chicken, Jungkook heads back to his room and watches old BTS videos and listens to their songs.

Ending this episode, Japanese ARMYs serenade the boys with their first original Japanese song, For You.


Having to bring something new to the table is always a challenge, even for BTS. This episode shines light on how hard the boys take it when they aren’t able to perform at their best.

A short clip is shown of Taehyung showing off his opera skills as Namjoon tries to also show off his skills, bringing laughter to the group.

Jin speaks about how inevitable it is for BTS to fall into a routine, but he worries for ARMYs who might attend multiple concerts and “get comfortable instead of excited when they see [him] on stage.” Though, he has nothing to worry about, as ARMY has shown multiple times that they’ve enjoyed each and every concert, even if it’s back-to-back.

We also get to see a big part of Jimin’s process in creating his solo song Promise while he finishes off the lyrics with Namjoon. Jimin also learned a new phrase from his leader, “one gun,” which we assume means “getting it right the first time” or just “good job.”

Taehyung shares his song Scenery with Hoseok on the way to the hotel, and he tells us how he’s been supported and inspired to write songs.

“When things get hard for one member, the rest of the members can see and feel it. If we fall into a slump, it could make things hard for all members. I think that’s one drawback of being a team,” Yoongi shares towards the end of the episode. His message is extremely heartfelt and gives more evidence of BTS truly being a family.


This episode highlights BTS breaking away from their responsibilities and working as a team to overcome challenges.

Jungkook starts his days by scoring how he wakes up, saying that if he struggles to open his eyes in the dark after waking up, then his day will be filled with tiredness. He shares this thought in the car, on his way to the airport with Jin and staff members.

Jimin finished recording Promise in this episode as well. After seven months of recording, writing, producing and editing, it’s finally finished. He shares his excitement and worries of releasing the song for ARMY.

Taehyung is shown recording next in the booth, and viewers see his hard work in the studio from how he is directed, fixes mistakes and recovers from feedback. He even brought his love for photography into the song, incorporating the wind and click sounds. This scene is a must-watch for ARMYs interested in how the recording and production go for BTS’ songs!

Arriving in Hong Kong, Yoongi reflects on his love-hate relationship with music, revealing, “If I imagine myself not performing or making music, I think my life would be so meaningless.” When asked about how they feel during concerts, he answers with being aware that he is loved by the attendees. Though he is scared of big crowds, that fear dissipates during the concert because he knows ARMY is there to see and support him and the members.

Jin also gives his answer, stating that “when [they] return to the hotel after a show, that’s when [he] feels most empty.”

“Some people climb mountains alone, while some climb together. We climb together,” Taehyung says, explaining his view of BTS as singers.


“Just going instead of worrying.”

This episode is all about reflection of the stadium tour.

What does this tour mean to you?

Jungkook answered, “This is just the beginning.”

Speaking of the tour, while they wanted to keep the momentum going for ARMY, since the “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself World Tour” was an encore to their previous tour, Yoongi stresses the importance of changing up the entire cue sheet to keep the concert fun. In this episode, viewers also get the explanation behind the door scene in his solo performance of Seesaw: “The staff thought the sound was doors closing, but really it’s the sound of a cassette tape… at least that’s what it was meant to be.”

Not being able to rehearse in Seoul before starting the stadium tour brought worries and stress to the group. Regardless, they handled it like professionals. Hoseok believes it's because “the pressure of being idols is less than it was when [they] first started out.” Continuing from this conversation, he reflects on how the members did at Rose Bowl. In his words, he states how their experience of performing for years and being together for so long has helped them flow naturally, even without proper rehearsal.


ARMY’s love for BTS keeps them going even when they are exhausted.

Starting out with this episode, viewers are taken to the Six Flags amusement park with Jin and a few staff members. Jin buys some hoodies and sunglasses for both himself and the staff members with him, so he can “look like a true tourist.”

When arriving in New York, one gets scenes of the members exploring the city by themselves. Hoseok gets a caricature of himself drawn in Central Park, Namjoon purchases his wooden table and Yoongi is seen working out, before going back to his hotel room and admiring the city through his window. This brings on the discussion of their struggles. Yoongi admits that he doesn’t have a lot of friends, making him envious of those who are able to live life ordinarily. He says, “The loss of having all of this is the ordinary.” Things like going out with friends for a drink, a movie, shopping and exploring by yourself are all things that BTS misses so much. Their lifestyle causes them to almost always have staff or guards around and hide their identity in some way. If they don’t do these things, their life is documented by the public.

But worry not, ARMY! Hoseok assures us that if he didn’t enjoy what he did as a BTS member--the singing, dancing and performing--it would show on stage.


BTS = Brought Together as Soulmates

The Wembley Stadium concert. A historical moment for BTS and the Kpop industry. At the beginning of the clip, Jimin mentions how “this tour has brought [the members] so much honor.” Before the show starts, Jin prepares his Bohemian Rhapsody moment for ARMYs, and the group attends a press conference.

Namjoon is full of confidence for this tour, telling staff members that he’s ready and assured that he will do well. He says, “I don’t know if we were in the right direction from the start, but we just did our best.”

PD Bang also attended the Wembley show, sitting in the bleachers with ARMYs and some staff members. He watched the whole show with pride and happiness toward his group.

After the show ends, the viewers are taken to BTS’ hotel room where they filmed episodes 92, 93 and 94 of Run BTS! Once filming is done, the boys enjoy dinner together, where Jin announces his song Tonight and plays it for the group. The conversation then shifts back to their price for stardom. They understand why people would envy them, and Namjoon says he’s heard many times things like “You never have to worry about having a place to stay!”