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Blow the Candle, Our December Miracle! #진생일ᄎᄏ

"Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, I love Jin!

Happy birthday to you!"

With a smile on his face, Our December Miracle finished the self-written birthday song and blew out his extravagant candle on a VLive broadcasted on his birthday.

As contagious as his smile and as warm as his voice, the celebration of December 4 was filled with so much love from people around Jin. So, determined to give back the same amount of love, Jin presented a gift for ARMY: 슈퍼 참치. (Shouldn't we be the ones giving him presents?) 슈퍼 참치 is a fun trot song, which discloses Jin’s love for fishing ― with burning passion, we might add. The song also came out with a simple choreography, and showed Jin with two backup dancers, begging the fishing Gods so he can catch more fish. It instantly sets us up in a good mood with a cheerful and upbeat melody, but for us, the song also feels as personal as Jin's other solo works outside of a BTS album: Tonight and Abyss.

It is quite amazing for us to see that the Jin we perceive in Bangtan Bombs, Run BTS! and In The Soop, and the Jin who loves fishing even though he comes home empty-handed most of the time is real― so real that he feels the need to make a song about it. It is also fascinating to see how versatile Jin is as an artist; not only is he excellent in performing ballad songs, but he can be a talented trot singer as well. For that, we thank him a lot.

ARMY made sure that Jin's birthday celebration was as meaningful as his constant message to spread love and kindness, so several charity projects were arranged in the name of our Worldwide Handsome. Indonesian ARMY created an exhibition and donation project, “Art for Autism Creativity and Self-Love” (Part of The Sun Never Set In Our World - Epiphany) which featured paintings and artworks from artists with autism. @deafarmyedu on Twitter hosted charity projects for donations to the Nyle DiMarco Foundation, aimed towards preventing language deprivation at the age of 0-5 among deaf children. @OneInAnARMY, as usual, produced a touching project: #BEWithOIAA. The project let ARMY take a moment to heal and rest with Jin while listening to BE. A similar project was arranged by @allforarmy on Twitter with their #ImTheOneIShouldLove campaign, which invited ARMY to talk about the things they usually do to relax. As Jin strongly states in his solo song, Epiphany, we can't love anyone else before loving ourselves first, right, ARMY?

As the moon smiled down on us on December 4, we wanted the whole world to know that we are thankful for Our December Miracle. Several billboard ads, flag advertisements, and dancing fountains were arranged all around the world. From Seoul, LA, to the Philippines, Jin's face and voice humbly greeted us. Not only that, on the last day of "PTD On Stage in LA," ARMY created two collaborative projects for Jin. First was a heart event project― just like the one he used to do for us during "The Wings Tour"― where ARMY raised up special red hearts with his name in the middle. The second was #MoonForJinLA where ARMY covered up their ARMY Bombs with paper moons. Surprise! Jin nearly burst with excitement when he found out about the project since he thought ARMY wouldn't arrange any projects for him (as if!). Audiences at KIIS Jingle Ball also witnessed the celebration of Jin Day in LA, as the host brought up a colorful cake and the whole venue sang Happy Birthday. Overwhelmed with love, Jin then told us how much he loves ARMY.

BTS has been the ambassador for the "Love Myself" Campaign by UNICEF for years, but we can collectively agree that Jin is the perfect embodiment of loving oneself. One of the most memorable things Jin has said about loving oneself is how he doesn't think that he is the most perfect man in the world, but after all, he is enough for himself. Jin always tries to be the best version of himself and live his life without any regrets. So as we can see, "confidence" then becomes his middle name.

Once again, happy birthday to Our Moon, Our Abyss, Our Epiphany, Our December Miracle Jin! Thank you for always showing us the most confident side of yourself and being one of our biggest role models. We purple you!

Written by: Avi

Edited by: Dae

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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