At Least This Planet Has Kim Namjoon – A 26th Birthday Tribute

There is no real way to convey the many reasons why ARMYs are doting, relying on and finding comfort in Kim Namjoon, but as a birthday present, we at ARMY Magazine would like to portray at least a small portion of the gratitude we hold for him, through this blog.

Now, BTS’ leader has always been one to enforce and remind us time and time again of the importance of staying connected and having the support from the people around you (regardless of whatever barriers the world may put forth). In many ways, he is, without a doubt, the driving force for so many friendships and relationships within this amazing community. So, for a change, we want to explore the ways in which this wonderful human being was able to connect others – whether it was done passively, without his knowledge, or through other means.

His Words

As ARMYs, we have all been touched by Namjoon's speeches, whether it be at the UN General Assembly, a fanmeeting, during a concert or elsewhere. His ability to make people feel like they are seen, regardless of their paths of life or him never meeting them personally, is something that we cherish endlessly. He speaks to us like a friend who just understands and comforts you. With that being said, let us indulge you with some of the aspirational words Namjoon has spoken.

In a segment during “Burn The Stage”, Namjoon expressed how, “I hope you know your limits well, but don’t stay within those limits. Overcome them each day.

Of course, it would not be reasonable, if we did not include at least a sentence or two from BTS’ UN speech. The chosen words for today’s blog would be the classic, “[...] maybe I made a mistake yesterday, but yesterday’s me is still me. Today I am who I am with all of my faults and my mistakes.

It is quite striking to look at the personal growth in the words Namjoon used for his solo tracks. His thoughts have evolved as he grew older and in his lyrics, there's the intention of letting the reader decide on what they believe the takeaway truly is.

In 2016, for his solo song titled Reflection, he sings, “The world is just another word for despair, [...] I am all of my joy and anxiety - It repeats every day, the love and hate directed to me.” When put against his most recent solo song, Intro: Persona, Namjoon sings, “Though I might sometimes be hypocritical or pretend to be evil - This is the barometer of my direction I want to keep - The 'me' that I want myself to be - The 'me' that people want me to be - The 'me' that you love - And the 'me' that I create.

His Team

It’s truly a given what we think about BTS; we admire and appreciate all seven members – no more and no less – regardless of how many disputes this dialogue has produced in the past few years. With that in mind, we naturally see a certain side of BTS’ Namjoon that the rest of the members see in a whole other light, so it is refreshing to see and hear of the mannerisms, endearing moments and pauses of appreciation talked about by the six members, in regards to him.

In terms of admiration, a lot of the members praise Namjoon for his impressive language skills (and don’t we all) as well as admitting on multiple occasions, to the fact that Namjoon’s leadership skills are admirable too. Of course, we cannot forget Jungkook’s and Namjoon’s relationship; the adoration that the young maknae has towards Namjoon from the very getgo of their trainee days, only escalates as the days pass. Seokjin also, in one of the many interviews they have done, cherishes and appreciates Namjoon’s potential of coming up with meaningful lyrics and beats for songs.

The Projects That Arose From His Kindness

When talking about Kim Namjoon, we cannot look away from the positive impact he has had on ARMY, and how his words, actions and many passions, such as his love for sea creatures (shoutout to the many crabs that he has cooed at while on holiday!) and the environment, enforced a change for the better.

Last year’s big birthday project for Namjoon titled, “RM Forest”, proved to be a huge success and showed the true nature (no pun intended) of our leader’s love for nature, so it would have been hard to top that. Despite the unfortunate circumstances we are facing in 2020, ARMY were still able to set up a whole corner of a famous bookstore named Kyobo Books, as a way to showcase the many novels and written work that Namjoon has talked about/recommended to us in the past!

While this year has been overwhelming for so many people, including Namjoon himself, he has never failed to show us the ways in which these times can become more bearable and worthwhile, and that despite the distance and differences, BTS are always there for you. So happy birthday to our wonderful leader, and thank goodness that at least this planet has Namjoon!

Written by: Alessia

Edited by: Sanam

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