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Time flies and in the blink of an eye, we are face to face with the month of December. With the year slowly coming to an end and the savory aroma of holiday fresh in the air, it is time to celebrate the birthday of one of ARMY's December miracles, Jin!

Into The Abyss

Keeping up with the custom of every year, 2020 witnessed ARMYs from all across the globe unite to give Jin a memorable birthday celebration. But the entire fandom was in for a surprise when Jin dropped his solo-track Abyss, just two hours prior to his 28th (international) birthday.

Defying the usual, comforting notions of his songs, this two-and-a-half minutes long melody explored a rather different side of Jin; a side that is at times anxious and doubtful about his capabilities. In his "Thank You" note posted on Bangtan Blog, Jin took us through the entire process of producing the track and reflected on his in-depth thoughts. He also expressed his gratitude to the people who were involved in bringing out the song successfully.

Birthday Wishes

As the oldest member of BTS finally turned 28, there was no shortage of birthday wishes for our beloved December prince! SUGA was the first on Twitter with a simple yet humorous message that read, "Jjin! Happy Birthday to you. You will be 30 soon but I'll follow you soon. Happy bday once again."

Next was RM, who posted four pictures of Jin alongside himself, captioning it with "Jin hyung happy birthday. Congrats on the release of Abyss. It was an honour to add at least a little piece to it. Let's be happy."

J-hope, being the adorable person he is, opted to post three pictures of Jin featuring himself along with the caption, "My handsome brother" and four purple hearts. He also posted a video clip of them in a concert set-up with cute fountain ponytails adorning their heads!

If humor had a face, it would definitely be Jimin as he posted a photoshopped picture of Jin at an odd angle, continuing the tradition of Bangtan pranking the members on their birthdays. He also posted a selca of himself and Jin, with a kind message which read, "our hyung who even sings well. Happy birthday. Live a long and healthy life."

Not only did Jin receive birthday wishes from the members, but also from his family, friends and famous k-drama actor Park Seojoon, which he later revealed on his birthday live.

Surprise VLive

The world became even brighter for ARMY, when the birthday boy himself started a surprise live broadcast. The other members, unfortunately, couldn't make it to the livestream due to their busy schedule, but Jin's presence alone was a big treat! The livestream was quite eventful, from Jin cutting his birthday cake and singing himself a birthday song to ringing up the rest of the members who left us beautiful messages. He also talked about his newly released single, Abyss, his feelings on receiving birthday wishes from so many people and of course, how much he loved and missed ARMY!

Global Fundraising

As well as an outstanding vocalist, songwriter and a man of ethereal visuals, Kim Seokjin is also known for his genuinely kind and caring nature. Keeping in mind his passion for giving to others, fans from all over the world imitated Jin and organized numerous charity projects, where they donated selflessly.

@seokjinglobal took the initiative to raise funds for Dding Dong, which aims to provide a 24/7 functional safehouse to the LGBTQ+ youth in Korea. Highlighting the singer's immense love towards animals, @JinSwissArmy, in collaboration with @bts_swiss_army, donated pet food to the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation, whose noble objective is to alleviate animal suffering globally. ARMY also raised funds to help children with disabilities, as well as provided free medical supplies to those in need. An incredible symbolism of kindness, indeed.

ARMY Events

On this auspicious occasion, we also witnessed a plethora of colorful events, in every corner of the globe. @ChinaJinBar organized numerous support projects in Korea which included Billboard advertisements in Gangnam, Sinchon Station  and Seoul Subway Line 2, a wrapping bus with Jin's picture and a beautiful replica of Jin's Moon Stage performance. Cafe events in Korea, Japan, Germany, Philippines, Indonesia and USA were also organized. An OT7 edit fanbase named @GraphicsJin organized a Seokjin × Maple Story Birthday Project, which required fans to change their Twitter icons into a Maple Story character.

Although uncertainty still looms over what the next year shall bring, ARMYs continued to celebrate Jin's birthday wholeheartedly and created wonderful charity projects on his behalf. We hope that they have soothed some wounds of 2020 and encouraged others to live up to the name of the eternal legend that is Bangtan Sonyeondan.

Written By: Esha

Edited by: Sanam

Designed by: Judy

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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