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With the crisp scent of fall heavy in the air and the much-awaited holidays just around the corner, ARMYs from all over the globe got ready to celebrate the birthday of the one and only, Park Jimin. With ARMY’s angel turning 26 this year, the world witnessed a myriad of birthday projects dedicated to this joyful day.

Happy Birthday Jimin!

As the clock struck midnight in Korea, a plethora of birthday wishes began to roll in to greet our cute mochi on his birthday! On Twitter, the members wished their fellow teammate in a playful, yet sweet way by posting many precious pictures of Jimin, which they had captured throughout the years! j-hope, like the fun-loving person he is, posted two lovely video clips of Jimin dancing adorably while striking funny poses. SUGA used his classic, savage style to post a message that read, "Happy Birthday to greedy Jimin with three mics", in reference to their latest Run BTS! episode. Although it was written mischievously, the sincerity in this small message cannot be missed! Next was RM, who greeted Jimin with a "happy birthday Baby G" and posted a cute selfie with the birthday boy.

The day was truly a blessed one for ARMY, when the birthday boy himself posted a selfie, thanking ARMY for their birthday wishes and expressing his sincere gratitude. If an angel without wings existed, it would definitely be Park Jimin!

Birthday VLive

ARMY was pleasantly surprised when Jimin organized a VLive on the occasion of his birthday. The birthday boy looked warm and adorable with his small ponytail and grey hoodie, effectively stealing everyone's hearts. Jimin thanked us from the bottom of his heart for wishing him a happy birthday, expressing how grateful he was to have us by his side. He gave us an update on what he has been doing recently and the importance of physical exercise, while also encouraging us to take part in regular physical activities to remain healthy.

Our hearts melted when Jimin showed us the birthday cake that the staff members had prepared for him and the cute birthday banner that read, "Cutie, sexy, lovely Jimin. Happy birthday." The birthday VLive was also graced by the presence of Jungkook and j-hope, who came in to greet and celebrate with their fellow bandmate! It was genuinely heartwarming to see the 3J trio having fun in each other's presence. After all, birthdays are known to bring people together!

ARMY For All

Inspired by Jimin's selfless nature, ARMYs worldwide organized various fundraising projects. With their limited resources, the fan bases tried their best to help those in need. Exemplifying a few of many, Bangladeshi ARMYs organized a simple, yet uplifting FESTA through which they helped a group of families who could barely afford food and other basic necessities. Bangtan Belles took the noble initiative to organize an outreach program for The Children Of Cebu Foundation – an orphanage located in Parian, Cebu City. Through a project entitled #JiminWithDawn, ARMYs raised funds to help vulnerable children suffering from HIV in South Africa. On the auspicious occasion of his birthday, Jimin's Global Fan base created #FreeWithJimin, a non-profit project aimed at empowering and protecting children who are illegally trafficked in Cambodia.

With the immense success of these projects, ARMY created an exceptional example of "teamwork makes the dream work!"

Light Up The World

The Earth lit up in celebration of this special day, as global fan bases came up with creative ideas to make their angel's 26th birthday a remarkable one. From South Korea's complete transformation into "JiminLand" to a beautiful LED, and fireworks dedicated to Jimin, there was no dearth of variety in the celebration! A number of birthday ads and Billboards were put up all throughout South Korea in honor of his birthday.

Jimin's Egyptian fan base decorated a bus with his posters, naming it "Mouchi Voyage". It traversed through the cities of Alexanderia and Cairo, spreading impending happiness and joy among Egyptian ARMYs. A creative concept, indeed! In Pakistan, ARMYs organized a JIMIN LED WAVE to be showcased in various malls. In Ukraine, ARMYs created a light-laser and fire show, making Jimin the first ever idol to have an entire 12 minutes of this show dedicated to him!

Evidently, this year's "Jimin Day" will remain a memorable one to ARMY, who have proved repeatedly that nothing is impossible when it comes to teamwork. Before we end this blog, let us heartily wish Jimin a happy birthday once again!

Written By: Esha

Edited By: Alice

Designed By: Achan

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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