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ARMY Magazine Rates: SUGA’s Hair

It’s another Monday. You’re scrolling through ARMY Twitter (or Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and you see a post starting with: “SUGA’s best hair color is…” All-out war ensues. So, why is ARMY Magazine wading into the chaos of ranking SUGA’s hair? We’ll give you one answer: this Instagram post. Before we begin, here’s a disclaimer: we think SUGA looks equally fabulous with any hair color! This is not meant to be taken seriously, and we hope that it serves as a fun retrospective. Let’s get it!

Ginger SUGA greeted ARMY at the 2021 American Music Awards and “Permission To Dance on Stage - LA” concerts after a year and a half of separation. Expert bracelet repairer and Dis-ease rapper. 13/10.

A staple of the “Most Beautiful Moment in Life” era? Mint SUGA. The biggest fandom betrayal: when we found out the color was chalk and not actual dye. Bonus points for this video of mint SUGA playing I Need U on piano. 11/10 because we’re still not over Yoonkook in the RUN MV (Yes, we went there, and we’re immediately sorry for it).

Silver SUGA has made a couple of appearances over the years, changing the course of history every time. FIRE-era platinum SUGA gave us the iconic 불타오르네. Young Forever SUGA is still making us cry. Additionally, 2021 Silver SUGA gave us de-gendering fashion realness and profound interviews for Vogue and GQ. Silver SUGA tells us, “There is absolutely no need for you to compare the size of your dream to someone else’s dream…I don’t have a dream right now, either. Does that make me miserable? No, it doesn’t…I’m sure another dream will come to me.” 1,000,000/10 because we all need this reminder once in a while.

You can’t talk about the MIC Drop era without mentioning white-haired SUGA. After all, who else would stop rapping mid-performance to prove BTS doesn’t lip-sync? Plus, this SUGA made history as part of BTS’ 2017 American Music Awards performance, the first by any Korean artist. 12,000/10 because there’s no room for haters.

Fake Love perm SUGA (revived with hair extensions during the Butter era) reminds us that we can all have the best of both worlds. Sure, nobody’s perfect, but he comes close. Is this turning into a list of Hannah Montana references? Maybe. 10/10. We hope he’s doing well.

Mohawk SUGA reminds us to dream big! This predebut SUGA produced pro-democracy bangers like 518-062 and performed in the Big Hit Audition rap battle (live footage of the finals here!). We wouldn’t be here without him. 10/10.

Dark blue SUGA didn’t last long, but he made the most of his time with us: walking for Louis Vuitton, showcasing his sign language in support of deaf and hard-of-hearing fans in the Permission To Dance music video, and generally killing it. 10/10. Not to be confused with DNA-era ocean blue SUGA, who is also a 10/10.

Red-haired SUGA was an early Bangtan staple, making appearances in Just One Day, Boy in Luv, and N.O. He was regularly threatened with lawsuits during these eras and the style disappeared for a while before coming back slightly darker and less flat in 2018 for the IDOL music video. 11/10.

RM misses pink SUGA, and so do we. We saw him briefly between Danger and “HYYH” and caught another glimpse in 2021. 12/10 because we can’t argue with our leader.

There’s a lot to be said about blond SUGA, a.k.a. the original AGUST D. From d-boy to the mad king, SUGA has discussed via livestream that the blond hair is representative of the rapper’s tough-talking alter ego. However, he’s also had softer moments, performing Trivia: Seesaw and sending ARMY his love virtually during the 2021 Muster concert. 20,000/10. No one has recovered from the Daechwita sword dance.

Last but not least is the source of ARMY’s current predicament: Black-haired SUGA. He’s the original debut-era SUGA, though at first, he was often hidden under a beanie. We saw him with an undercut in early 2020, and we thought that would break the Internet. But then, he just kept…going. First, he appeared in Seoul before dropping by the Grammys in Vegas and appearing in That That with PSY. Suddenly, we received footage of black hair touching the bottom of SUGA’s neck at the White House. Then came Japan. We were deeply unprepared for Japan. What’s in store next (besides commemorative t-shirts)? Apparently, we’ll find out in SUGA’s third mixtape, scheduled to come out in 2023, if we survive until then. Unable to calculate rating/10. He’s broken the system.

Locks” to Look Forward To

As we celebrate The Astronaut and continue to await new music during Chapter two, we hope this look back on SUGA’s hair makes ARMY excited for new styles “Yet to Come.” We know that one article can’t cover every single SUGA hairstyle, but we did our best to hit all of the highlights (get it?). Let us know your favorite SUGA hairstyle on social media, and stay tuned for more upcoming blogs!

Written by: Mariko

Edited by: Cassie

Designed by: Waf

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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