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An End to D-Day: A Final Encore

Summer is one of the best times to experience amazing concerts, indoors or outdoors, and this summer was no exception. Earlier in June, at the last of BTS member SUGA’s final shows at Seoul’s Jamsil Indoor Stadium, he playfully revealed his “D-Day The Final” Encore concerts to be held at the end of August. With this announcement, ARMYs were able to enjoy one last weekend of back-to-back concerts with AGUST D before his mandatory enlistment.

One fun advantage of attending a concert in Seoul is that you never know who’s going to show up at a concert, whether they be a K-pop idol or a veteran in the music industry. Attendees at the Encore leg were surprised with a delightful treat. On the first night, when SUGA was performing one of his hit songs, Burn It, he was joined by the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook, who was met with a boisterous ovation in the stadium. Afterward, SUGA left the stage for Jungkook to sing his solo hit, Seven. Fans were also treated to a new VCR titled “BTS Memories,” which was played on all three nights.

The next night, the audience was once again treated with a special guest. After SUGA performed Burn It by himself, the lights were dimmed as he began the next song, Tony Montana. It wasn’t until Jimin’s part that Jimin himself dramatically entered the stage and finished the song with SUGA. Then without any introduction, SUGA left Jimin to perform his solo hit, Like Crazy.

Finally, on the last night of the Encore concerts, the stadium was once again graced with members of BTS, this time, more than one. The leader of BTS, RM, joined his longtime hyung and they both performed Strange for the first time onstage. After that, RM greeted the audience and gave a short update on his current life, leading to an introduction of a new and unreleased song that he’d been working on and couldn’t wait to share with everyone. As if the stadium wasn’t heated enough, fans were able to spot Jin and j-hope cheering SUGA on from the audience. As the camera showed the two members waving and giving a hearty salute, SUGA thanked j-hope for helping create the choreography for the song People Pt. 2.

It goes to show how much love and trust the rapper has for his BTS brothers that he effortlessly shared the stage and the spotlight with them throughout the weekend of the Encore leg of the D-Day tour. Though V was the only one in the group not in attendance due to conflicting schedules he invited his parents to enjoy the show for him.

Unannounced guests may have been one of the happiest memories during that weekend, but SUGA wasn’t afraid to show his emotional side to the audience. On the last day, emotions overcame him as he launched into Snooze on his guitar, a song he had dedicated to the late Ryuichi Sakamoto. Following that song were Dear My Friend and AMYGDALA, two songs that brought heavy tears to the singer and his fans. Thankfully, with his fans supporting him through it all, he was able to perform them seamlessly without needing a break.

To finish off the show on the third night, as SUGA was speaking to the audience, he auspiciously took off his jacket as the camera panned to his left shoulder where the sleeve had been rolled up. There, he watched as fans reacted to finally seeing his “7” tattoo that he had previously gotten with all his BTS members, symbolizing their bond as bandmates and brothers. Fans were also quick to note the significant placement on the shoulder that he had injured very early in his career and recently received surgery for, proving the love and pride he has as a member of BTS.

With a passionate and action-packed weekend coming to an end, SUGA eventually announced his plans to enlist in the Korean military. Though there has been no other notice of when he’ll officially enter as of now, fans and friends all wish him well as he becomes the next member to follow Jin and j-hope into the military.

Written by: Rei

Edited by: Ren

Designed by: Achan

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