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An Analysis into Jimin’s Multi-faceted FACE

Jimin’s debut solo album, titled FACE, made its way to ARMY on March 24, 2023. Breaking records on the opening day, we were fascinated to listen to the songs featured on the album. Jimin steers the album solely with his voice, and his artistry as a musician is better appreciated.

The concept photos for this album were released in two versions - Hardware and Software. The Hardware version showed him donning a black leather jacket with very prominent chains. In the Software version, he can be seen wearing a white sleeveless shirt paired with a beige pair of pants against a backdrop with beige and white shades. The former version sets the mood for passion and energy, whereas the latter one feels calm and pensive. These two versions of the concept photos also symbolize the back and forth between the personalities Jimin writes about in this album.

The music video for the track Set Me Free Pt.2 showed Jimin embracing his strengths as a dancer and a vocalist. The music video started strong as trumpets and vocals cut through the silence. An intense flow backed with the track and paired with a quick tempo, the constant changing between autotune and Jimin’s unmodified voice along with the agile movements of the dancers, symbolize the ups and downs in the path towards freedom. Towards the end of the video, Jimin appeared clad in pristine white among the dancers still clad in a solemn black color. This signifies his freedom, ending the song with “finally free.”

Like Crazy, the main title track of the album, has a music video with a dreamy aura. The music video is set in a nightclub and applies many photo-negative and kaleidoscopic effects to catch the attention of the viewers. The girl who repeatedly appeared in the music video supposedly signifies Jimin’s feminine side, as Like Crazy may portray a conflict between Jimin’s feminine and masculine sides and the eventual acceptance of both. Jimin has said on multiple occasions that he was influenced by the movie “Like Crazy” and was inspired to name the title track the same. The movie deals with themes of heartbreak, loneliness, and long-distance relationships. Jimin found these to be similar to his mindset during the pandemic.

In an exclusive interview with Spotify, Jimin mentioned that the album contains his honest feelings during the pandemic. He named the album FACE as it tells the story of how he faced himself and finally stood at a new starting point. This is his first solo album and it reflects who he is as a person and artist. The title track Like Crazy is “about the painful feeling of losing oneself while searching for a loved one in a dream, but still wanting to stay in the dream forever. The inspiration came from one of my favorite movies, ‘Like Crazy’, [and] it has the same title as my main track,” Jimin said.

Jimin has proven his artistry. He is an artist in every sense of the word. The album is amazingly put together and features some of Jimin’s best work. We loved listening to the album and we look forward to what Jimin has in store for us!

Written by: Pluto

Edited by: Lisa

Designed by: Achan

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