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A Very Bangtan Vacation Pt. 1

Since the boys had a great time vacationing and 'Namjooning', we thought it would be fitting to see what activities ARMYs could do in the cities they visited while being budget-conscious, of course!

First on the list, is SUGA and Jin, who decided to keep things local in Incheon. The guys took in some quality time fishing, eating and enjoying each other's company. If you’re a lover of food who’s curious about the origins of Korean dishes, perhaps you can check out the Jajangmyeon Museum. Here, the history of the much loved and famous, Black Soybean Noodles, are showcased at its finest.

If you want to get in touch with nature, Incheon Grand Park is where you need to go. This is a hotspot for tourists and locals and is open for 24 hours. With the natural and beautiful scenery, it's wonderful for picnics and gatherings. If you visit during Spring, you can admire the beautiful cherry blossoms at the Incheon Grand Park Cherry Blossom Festival.

You can visit the cute and quirky, Songwol-dong Fairy Tale village. There are some amazing and adorable sculptures, even some colorful, cute murals (perfect for those group photos for Instagram). The vibrant buildings and the unique look of this village is amazing. It’s quite something to see. It's best to be there early in the morning, as this spot is popular and tends to fill up quickly.

In Daegu, word amongst the locals is that, if you’re looking for traditional Daegu flat dumplings, it's best to have them at Jungang Tteokbokki. People queue to get these delicious bites; they are that popular! If you have more of a sweet tooth, then you can make your way to Schumann & Clara. You can order a drink, get some amazing pastries or breads and play board or card games, while you’re there! Prices range from affordable to a bit expensive, so please check before ordering.

If you’re with your family and need a break from the normal tourist spots, you can make your way over to E-World Daegu Park and 83 Tower Observatory. The Observatory offers aerial views of Daegu. The theme park also has a Sky Way cable car. So, if you're keen, why not check it out? You can take in the views and get some awesome pictures. The tickets are slightly cheaper after 5PM, so if you’re on a budget, take note.

If you’re in Gwacheon and want to learn how to cook Korean Food, you can visit the OME cooking lab. It’s located in Seoul. With the guidance of a professional chef, you can learn how to make tasty dishes, like Bulgogi, Bibimbap and Japchae to name a few. After the lesson is completed, all the students get to eat the delicious meals they’ve made!

If you’re up for a full-day trip, then visit Alpaca World (it’s about 15kms from Gwacheon). Here, you can meet RJ’s family and his many animal friends. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike!

Next up is our Jungkook’s hometown, Busan. Check out the famous Haeundae Beach. It’s relaxing, beautiful and the perfect place to have an ice cream and unwind. There are plenty of aspiring artists and street musicians, so one can look forward to their budding performances. Most of them perform with their guitars and some young artists perform their songs whilst reading the lyrics off their mobiles!

Don't forget to check out Oryukdo Skywalk. A fun fact to note is that this place is regarded as a National Cultural Heritage Scenic site. You can walk on the U-shaped glass, which overlooks the sea, not forgetting to wear your shoe covers, of course! It may be nerve-racking but we are ARMY, so we can do it!

For all you Cat-lovers out there, you're in luck! There is a Cat-Café in Seomyeon. So, if you're missing your Kitty back home, why not pay a little visit? Before you enter the café, don't forget to put on the hand sanitizer; the assistant will help you if you're not sure. You will have to pay a small fee to visit this café but don't worry, it includes a tea or coffee of your choice! There are rules regarding the cats that are displayed, so please take note of them. Other than that, it’s purrrrfect!

Next, we visit V's city of Geochang. It's quite pretty. There are beautiful trees and seeing that South Korea has a few mountains, there are plenty of hiking trails. You can visit the Gayasan National Park, where you can enjoy the scenery and be at one with nature. Make sure to wear your comfortable sneakers!

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we find out more about the places that RM, J-Hope and Jimin visited.

Written by: Nawaahl

Edited by: Sanam

Design by: Judy

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