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While researching wholehearted living, researcher and author Brene Brown found that the key to achieving a wholehearted lifestyle is vulnerability. Dr. Brown defines vulnerability as “an emotion of uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure” as well as the "birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity." Doesn’t this seem strikingly similar to the essence within BTS’ music and speeches? RM’s album review of Map Of The Soul: 7 is a perfect example of this wholeheartedness - the raw intimacy and vulnerability.

Although the members of BTS have always been frank and open about themselves, the last 30 minutes of RM's VLive for the Map of the Soul: 7 album review felt different. What was so notable this time? Why was it so unique?

The answer eventually revealed itself; RM allowed ARMY to see the turbulence of his true emotions as they flowed through his VLive from start to finish. We saw the emotions he felt while creating MOTS: 7 and his frustration and disappointment at the unforeseen circumstances that affected its promotion and tour. For one hour and forty-eight minutes, RM allowed us not only into his happiness, but his sadness too. RM’s vulnerability left an impact, his emotions resonated and left us all crying our eyes out by the end of his VLive.

After ten months of preparation, the longest BTS has ever taken to release an album, it's not difficult to surmise how significant this album was, is, and will always be to BTS. The press release described the album as an examination of the "scars and wisdom they (BTS) have collected since their debut in 2013". The press release goes further to state that "MOTS: 7 is a reassuring confirmation to BTS and ARMY of where they (BTS) have been and intend to go." This information was reinforced by RM as he stated at the end of the album review that if someone ever wants to learn, understand, or know the story of BTS, all they need to do is listen to MOTS: 7; it holds all the answers.

As the VLive continued and RM shared the different aspects of MOTS: 7. The love BTS poured into the album could be felt through the screen. RM discussed how much the words he wrote moved him, the memories they brought up, and the places in his heart they touched. RM shared the joy he felt while writing songs like Respect, and the tenderness he experienced while working on songs like Inner Child and My Time. He opened up about the intense emotions attached to the creative process of Louder Than Bombs and We are Bulletproof: the Eternal, among others.

As the VLive drew to an end, the pride of releasing MOTS: 7 was a bit overshadowed by the disappointment of not being able to enjoy their comeback as much as they wanted to. MOTS: 7 was ten months of planning, and by extension 7 years of hard work. It was supposed to be a celebration with ARMY. Not only virtually through album sales, but also physically with comeback shows and concerts. The members were understandably heartbroken and frustrated to have this special moment marred by a situation entirely out of their control. ARMY could see their discontentment, resignation, and sadness at not being able to fully share their hours upon hours of hard work and feelings with us.

RM shared that BTS tried to keep their spirits up, that he, as the leader, tried to stay focused for the team, but that he couldn’t help but be angry after their performances. We saw how passionately RM spoke about hope - the hope he wants BTS’ music and BTS themselves to bring. This moment practically encapsulates them. As they dealt with their own sadness, RM still found the time to think about others.

RM ended his VLive with 사랑해 (I love you), and all the fondness and genuine care, evident in his voice, reflected in his eyes and on his face, and warmed our hearts. He was still willing to give us pieces of himself during these trying times.

This is BTS, always gifting ARMY these wholehearted moments through performances and music. Through the love BTS holds for each other, the joy they find in Run BTS! or Bon Voyage, they provide us with the courage to believe that we can love ourselves, they preach empathy for others, and help us all belong together as a family. This space BTS created, fosters both BTS and ARMY’s creativity.

As the days continue on and life is impacted in ways we could never have imagined, RM’s VLive nurtured the wholeheartedness between BTS and ARMYs worldwide. One may call it love.

BTS 사랑해요

- Your Adorable Representative M.C for Youth (ARMY)

Written by: Lee

Edited by: LJ and Hel.B

Designed by: Achan


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